This was a fantastic FIRST SHOW OF 2013! MARY ELLEN COPELAND, MAGDALINE VOLAITIS, and guest host SOPHIE FAUGHT discussed how we we can replace harsh and invasive psychiatric interventions with personal empowerment, self-help, and recovery for people in mental/emotional distress! Listen to the archive at:

Mary Ellen Copeland, guest on MindFreedom’s ALTERNATIVE MENTAL HEALTH RADIO

On Saturday, January 12th 2013, MindFreedom International presented:


 On the topic of:

How we can replace harsh and invasive psychiatric interventions with personal empowerment, self-help, and recovery for people in mental/emotional distress?


Our guests:

  • MARY ELLEN COPELAND is nationally and internationally recognized for her work in studying how people recover from mental health challenges using simple, safe, non-invasive, widely available and usually free self-help resources (including WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plans). Her focus is on shifting the system of mental health care away from the use of psychotropic medications and harsh traumatizing treatments, and to personal empowerment, self-help, prevention and recovery through natural supports, education, training, and research.

    Learn more about Mary Ellen Copeland’s work on her webiste,

  • magdalineMAGDALINE VOLAITIS (photo on right) Magdaline works closely with Mary Ellen Copeland as the Outreach Director for WRAP and Recovery Books. She is the first line of communication to Mary Ellen, manages the website, and writes the bimonthly e-newsletters. Magdaline became a WRAP facilitator in 1999 and finds WRAP to be one of the most useful tools for all aspects of her life.


Join MARY ELLEN, MAGDALINE and guest host SOPHIE FAUGHT (coordinator of MindFreedom International’s I GOT BETTER campaign to raise awareness of recovery in mental health) for an exciting dialogue about replacing invasive and sometimes harmful psychiatric practices with more holistic and empowering alternatives, achieving a stable and lasting recovery from mental and emotional distress!


Listen to the archive any time you like, at



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