It’s over. We won. Today, Friday, 22 October 2010, 5 pm EST was the deadline. And after the dust settled… After a last-minute campaign that temporarily pushed forced outpatient psychiatric drugging to the top of a USA forum about federal mental health goals… Enough of you ‘voted’ on the web to support the voice of mental health consumer/survivors… Challenge psychiatric drug industry undue power… And support more non-drug alternatives! [Update 9]

Pamela S. Hyde, J.D. is Administrator of SAMHSA, a large federal mental health agency, which has a $3.6 billion budget.

MindFreedom International News Update 9 – Friday, 22 Oct. 2010, 6:30 pm EDT


We won…

For hours today it was neck and neck.

But in the final hour we won!

Temporarily, it looked like a terrible ‘idea’ to promote more forced outpatient psychiatric drugging would get the most ‘votes’ on the overall web forum on goals by the federal mental health agency, SAMHSA.

But MindFreedom International and others sent out last minute e-mail alerts and tweets. The numbers are in.

According to the SAMHSA web site at this time:

  • First place: 1,102 votes: Articulate consumer and survivor inclusion and leadership in all SAMHSA initiatives as a priority!
  • Second place: 905 votes: MFI’s idea: Challenge the undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry in mental health care.
  • Third place: 810 votes — The awful ‘idea’ to “Increase use of Assisted Outpatient Treatment” was pushed back down from first place to third place.


Plus, in 7 of the 8 ‘sub-forums,’ MFI’s idea came in first! In the eight it came in 2nd.

Note: At this time, you can apparently add COMMENTS to the SAMHSA forums, though ‘voting’ is ‘closed,” see:





BELOW is the final last-minute alert that went out, that helped win the day, with more information and links to the SAMHSA site, and forums.

Thank you everyone!





*YOUR* DEADLINE: Today Friday, 22 October 2010, 5 pm EST

Last Minute Campaign by Those Pushing Forced Psychiatric Drugging Moves to Top!


    HOURS left for ‘web votes’ on USA federal mental health goals:

    Forced Psychiatric Drugs Vs. Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Voice!


    Just 40 more of you could:

    ** Stop “Forced Outpatient Drugging” From Winning!

    ** Help the Voice of Mental Health Consumers & Psychiatric Survivors WIN!

    Your last chance: ‘Vote’ deadline today, Friday, 22 October 2010 by 5:00 pm EST


With 3 hours to go, a last-minute campaign pushed MORE FORCED OUTPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC DRUGGING to the top of web ‘votes’ for ‘ideas’ in an online forum by the huge USA mental health agency, SAMHSA.

But mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors are FIGHTING BACK and GAINING GROUND!

1) ‘VOTE’ now for voice and inclusion of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. Click & give 3 votes here:




2) ‘VOTE’ to challenge undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry in mental health care, and for NON-DRUG alternatives. Click & give 3 votes here:




IMPORTANT: After ‘voting’ register and reply to a confirmation e-mail so your ‘votes’ count. If you do not get that, use SAMHSA’s site to re-email it to you.


The SAMHSA online forums:





URGENTLY FORWARD this to others who may be interested! Phone and tweet your friends!


Provided by MindFreedom International, an independent activistcoalition united for human rights and alternatives in mental health.For more info:


Background by MindFreedom International and more ways to help — including on 8 SAMHSA sub-forums where we are winning, BELOW:



    Move these ‘ideas’ back to the top, today:

  • Challenge Psychiatric Drug Company “Undue Influence”

  • Create More Non-Drug Mental Health Alternatives (like Soteria House)

  • Support Consumer/Survivor Voice


Huge Federal Agency Vows to Use Your Feedback on Goals for Next Three Years!

Online ‘votes’ at first boosted ‘ideas’ to drastically change the mental health system to the top of web forums by SAMHSA, the huge USA federal mental health agency (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

But former NAMI board member D. J. Jaffe launched a last-minute campaign for forced psychiatric drugging. Their ‘idea’ – “Increase use of Assisted Outpatient Treatment” – is now first.

Help choice and voice take back the top!

Your chance to ‘vote’ shuts down *today* Friday, 22 October 2010, at 5 pm EST.

(see links above for main votes)

IMPORTANT NOTE: After ‘voting’ on their site, be sure to reply to a confirmation e-mail so your ‘votes’ count. If you did not receive that, use SAMHSA’s site to re-email it to you.


ADDITIONAL ACTIONS in just few more minutes!


You will find MindFreedom’s ‘idea’ moving up in ALL forums!

Strategic 1: Prevention: NOW 2nd! Keep moving it up.


Strategic 2: Trauma and Justice: — NOW FIRST! Keep it there!


Strategic 3: Military Families — NOW FIRST! — Support our vets and keep it there!


Strategic 4: Health Care Reform — NOW FIRST! Keep it there!


Strategic 5: Housing and Homelessness — NOW FIRST! Keep it there!


Strategic 6: Health Info Technology: –NOW FIRST — keep it up!


Strategic 7: Data, Outcomes, and Quality — NOW FIRST — keep it up!


Strategic 8: Public Awareness and Support: –NOW FIRST — keep it up!


This ‘idea’ supports a statement created by key mental health consumer and psychiatric survivor leaders at a SAMHSA summit, but without SAMHSA’s sanction. You can read about it here:


You can read the SAMHSA eight initiatives here:


The overall SAMHSA online feedback site is here:


Remember, you have a total of ten (10) votes in each of the forums for the eight initiatives, plus the overall forum. You can only use up to three (3) ‘votes’ for each ‘idea.’

So browse their online forums, and use your other ‘votes’ for good ‘ideas’ that need a boost.

You can click on ‘top’ to see the ones with the most votes. Or click on ‘hot’ to see the latest.

You can comment on any ‘idea’ or post your own! Act NOW, before this Friday’s deadline, 22 October 2010 at 5 pm EST.

And please FORWARD this to others who may be interested!



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