July 11, 2014 boxChallenge yourself today to honor yourself and your place in the world. 

What creative ways can you think of to nurture your own personal humanity?

Be kind to yourself, recognize your own human frailties and strengths, and be compassionate towards yourself! Today is a day to RECHARGE, so that you’re engaging with the world as a whole and healthy person! You are a unique human being, and you have a LOT to offer the world! Take time for yourself, so that you have lots of positive energy to share.

We challenge you to do something kind for your own body, spirt, and mind!

1. Treat yourself to something you thought you might not deserve. This does not have to mean anything material. Have you always wanted to teach yourself a new language? Have you wanted to learn an instrument but put it off? How about starting a book you’ve always meant to read?

2. Give yourself the gift of a private, peaceful time of stillness. Go to a quiet, comforting place and just BE!

3. Write a letter to your future self. Tell you what you hope to accomplish, and share some wisdom and inspiration from the moment. Seal the envelope and write the date or event that will cause your future self to read what you wrote.


Martin Luther King, Jr. on SELF CARE and HUMAN WORTH

mlk-closeup2.jpgThere must be a recognition of the sacredness of human personality. Every man is an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth.This innate worth… is universally shared in equal portions by all men. There is no graded scale of essential worth; there is no divine right of one race which differs from the divine right of another.
(“An Analysis of the Ethical Demands of Integration;” 12-27-1962)

Man is not a thing. He must be dealt with, not as an “animated tool,” but as a person sacred in himself. To do otherwise is to depersonalize the potential person and desecrate what he is.
(“An Analysis of the Ethical Demands of Integration;” 12-27-1962)


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