MFI was disturbed to learn that Jill Kesti, a long-time Shield member and founder of Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging is being held against her will at Pine Rest ‘Christian’ Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, she was forcibly injected three times with powerful sedatives. Her phone was taken away and she has very little contact with the outside world. How did she get there?

Jill lives in a small, rural town. She had stopped her car in a public roadway to talk to some pedestrians—people with whom she had grown up with. Even though cars could easily pass to either side, according to Jill, the Michigan State Police saw fit to stop, walk up to her car door, drag Jill out of her car, hand-cuff her, and take her to the Ontanogen County Sheriff. Despite the fact that no citations or charges were made, the Ontonogen County Sheriff saw fit to drive Jill ten hours to a psychiatric facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Take action today to help win her release and help Jill fight back against psychiatric oppression! Call or write to the CEO of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and demand that Pine Rest staff desist from forcibly drugging Jill. start initiating her discharge, so she return to her home where she was living peacably.

Jill notes “No wonder the suicide rate is so high when people get released from these places!”

Jill has been a champion of human rights for years. She is a fighter but even she can see why people fall into a state of despair after being locked up in a psych ward. “There is nothing to do but lie in your bed and walk a few feet down the hallway!” Jill tried to resist the forced injections but was held down and injected against her will. She is hopeful that in an upcoming hearing scheduled for April 27, one in which Toby Watson, a psychologist is scheduled to testify on her behalf, her recommitment will expire and the state will drop its case to have her remain under a forced drugging order, euphemistically known as Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

Also, demand that she regain access to her clothes (not scrubs), as well as her phone

Jill is being held, by force at

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

300 68th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

The psychiatrist who is forcing her to take 500 mg of Depakote daily, in addition to the three forced injections is Dr. Aaron Plattner M.D.

Mark Eastburg PhD, President and CEO of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Vitae of Mark Eastburg,

(616) 820-3780

Jill will need your support to help her heal from psychiatric harm and prepare for an upcoming hearing on April 27. Post words of encouragement to Jill on Coaltion to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging HERE

Post reviews on Google of Pine Crest Christian Mental Health Services HERE