MindFreedom has contacted Ray’s state and federal elected officials, including US Representative Keith Ellison, to ask about Ray’s campaign against his ongoing involuntary electroshock, also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. MindFreedom has not heard back from Rep. Keith Ellison.

Keith Ellison is Ray Sandford's elected US RepresentativeName: Keith Ellison, US Representative for Ray Sandford

City/State: Office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Connection to Ray’s case: US Rep. Keith Ellison to is the elected representative for Ray in the US House of Representatives.

MindFreedom contacted US Rep. Keith Ellison about the forced electroshock his constituent, Ray Sandford, and the general policy issue of involuntary outpatient electroshock in Minnesota. Rep. Ellison has not responded to MindFreedom’s communciation.

Public position on Ray Sandford’s forced outpatient electroshock: Unknown.

Public position in general on outpatient involuntary electroshock over expressed wishes of subject: Unknown.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MindFreedom and Ray endorse nonviolence principles. Even if an individual or agency opposes Ray’s human rights, MindFreedom and Ray ask that any communication be civil. 


Please contact  Representative Keith Ellison with a civil message to speak out about the involuntary outpatient maintenance electroshock of her constituent, Ray Sandford.

U.S. Representative Keith Ellison
1122 Longworth Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-2305


Representative Keith Ellison
2100 Plymouth Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN  55411


D.C. (202) 225-4755
Minneapolis (612) 522-1212

Web contact form. (Form states he will only respond to messages from people in his district):


US Rep. Ellison is one of several elected officials who directly represent Ray Sandford’s district who MindFreedom has contacted.

Here is a link to those elected officials who represent those at Ray’s address:


Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author, based on reports from Ray Sandford and allies, to the best of their knowledge. If there is any dispute of the facts, please let MindFreedom know.