Baby Steps are the Way to Feel Better —Kathleen Hartman

I Created an Environment I Love to Live In —Crystal D. Choate

How to Survive Enough to Say, “I AM Better” —Anne Leonide Brown

Wilderness Hermit Charlie’s Journey to Recovery —Charles Hughes

Back From the Brink —Anne Costa

It Takes a Peer to Truly Help a Peer —Kerry Brown

Little By Little Things Will Change —Jennifer Morris

Try to Change Negligent or Abusive Mental Health Programs —Johnny

I Got Better and Recovered From Psychiatric Abuse —Melinda James

Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks —Matti Salminen

Part of the Human Condition —Jennifer Hill

I’m the Architect and Builder —Elizabeth

Creator of My Life —Cynthia

Making New Sense of the World —Marylou

Taking Chances in Recovery —Pat Hayes

When a Wall is There for Anyone, the Opportunity Comes for Anyone —Susan Phipps

Living Life to the Best of Your Ability —Tom Kelly

The Biggest Challenges Can Provide the Brightest Lights —Carole Hayes Collier

Steps Towards Healing and Wholeness —Anne Costa

The Person I’m in the Process of Becoming —Patricia Lindquist

An Advocate and Leader in My Community —Mary Angus

Numbness Never Gives You Meaning or Hope —Peter

Much Better and Faster at Getting Through It —Irit Shimrat

Find People Who Have Gotten Better and Learn From Them —Fred Abbe

Peel Back the Layers to Find Who You Are —Leslie Brewer

What I Consider Fundamentally “Me” —Sara Hale

Happy to Be a Rebel —Joanna

Thank You, Saul Alinsky! —

Recovery, Healing, and Personal Evolution are Possible —Linda Simpson

Look Forward to Tomorrow —Sarah Wegner

If They Could See Me Now! —Kathleen Rhoads Merriam

Identity Change: From Mental Patient to Teacher  —Susan

Transformed Into a Different Person —Michael Bilson

Stronger Because of the Path that I’ve Walked —Liz Teska

Mind, Body, and Spirit as a Unified Whole —Glen Bushers

Humor Is the Best Medicine —Mark A. Davis

Positive Ways to Deal With Life Challenges —Kerrie Melton

People Have Recovered —Marion Kolitwenzew

Compassion for Yourself —Al Galves

Living a Life of My Choosing —Christopher Busby

Your Life Has Meaning —Cyndi McKnight

Proud to Be Me! —Louise Gillett

Recovered From What? —Jean Davison

I Gained Strength and Resilience —Peggy Hardwick

Learn How To Make Your Life Better, Not Your Illness Better —Don Webber

I Will Not Remain Silent —Kristen Bellows

My Own Personal Evolution —Kathryn

Emotions Are Normal — They Are Part of Natural Life —Diana van Landeghem

There Are No Silver Bullets —Paul Nelson

I Came to a Better Understanding —Marian B. Goldstein

Aim for a Balanced Life —Carli

I Couldn’t Adjust, and That’s OK —Amanda Jensen

The Relief of Not Being Alone —Brenda Kosky

Grateful and Humble —Rita Brooks

Wisdom That Has Come to Me —Karen Midwinter

Through the Labyrinth —Prateeksha Sharma

Out of Psychiatry and Into Real Life —Katrina Henricks

You Are Not Your Illness —Rene Buchanan

Purpose and Meaning —Christina Walko

The Brain Can Return Itself to Equilibrium —Wendy Dixon

Living Life in the Way YOU Find Most Fulfilling —Amanda Back

Harness the Energy! —Cassie

Breaking Your Heart Open Into Compassion —Alina

Nothing is Impossible —Ellen

Normalcy or Health is the Ability to Work and Love —Johanna

Be Positive and Never Give Up —Catherine Penney

I Know Now… I Can Get Back Here, to My Real Life —Annette

I’m Fully Alive Now —Avril

Go Your Own Way —Jennifer

I Believe in My Recovery —Karen

If I Had Given Up —Susan

Standing Tall and Liking Yourself —Kathryn Cascio

You Won’t Be In This Place Forever —Leo

Rising Out of the Ashes —Silvia

Changes in My Life —Dorothy

An Independent, Self-Directed Life —Susan

Being My Own Advocate —Shelley

There Are a Lot of Alternative Medicines —Anonymous

I Quit the Public System —Anonymous

The Rest of My Life —Anonymous

Overcoming Tourette’s Through Meditation —Anonymous

Never Give Up Hope —Justin Scott

Starting Over —Vicci N., RN, CCM

Master of My Own Life —Anonymous

A Diagnosis is Not a Destiny —Anonymous

Recovery Isn’t Just Personal —Anonymous

Most Helpful to You —Anonymous

Inner Resources —Annette

Find Hope Within Yourself —Anonymous

What I Have Become —Anonymous

Proud to Be Who I Am —Anonymous

Focused on the Present —Anonymous

Let it Go, Today is Precious —Anonymous

Stuck On the “Med-Go-Round” —Anonymous

Broaden Your World  —Melody Riefer

Recognizing the Society —Tania Jivraj

More Power Than You Know —Sarah Bobo

I Will Move Toward What I Want —Diana

Dust Off Your Dreams —VT

Out of the Mental Health Care System —Anonymous

Take Control of My Life —Jen Banathy

More Than the Absence of Illness —Anonymous

Too Much Help Doing Too Little Good and Too Much Harm —Mary Hintz

I’m Finally Able to Become the Person I Thought I Wanted to Be in My Twenties —Christa

To Make My Life Feel Worth Living —Kerry

I’m Not My Illness —Kathleen

Vibrant, Fierce, and Fully Alive —Kelly

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