The brand new MindFreedom Journal #51 is now out! Theme: How to work with people and groups who support the human rights of psychiatric survivors. Here’s how you can get your new issue.

Cover photo of MindFreedom Journal #51 shows six moms of survivors of psychiatric abuse.


Did you get your new MFJ?


Did you get your new MindFreedom Journal #51, the summer issue?

It’s the 25th Year Anniversary Year Issue, don’t miss it!

The cover photo (upper right) shows six moms, all of whom have adult children harmed by the mental health system. 

A focus of the issue is about how people abused by the psychiatric system can work with allies, such as mental health providers, families, creative theater folks, advocates, etc. 

Plus there’s poetry, photos, and reflections on the quarter century of MindFreedom International. Half of the 16 pages are in full color, including coverage of the MindFreedom delegation trip to MindFreedom Ghana.

The new issue has already been mailed to all current members internationally. 

There’s an easy way to get your issue!


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