Pau Crego Walters is a member of the coordination team for Stop Trans* Pathologization (STP) 2012. Their group has provided a statement of solidarity and support for the Occupy APA protest on 5 May 2012, in front of the American Psychiatric Association.


Stop Trans* Pathologization (STP) 2012 Statement in solidarity of Occupy the American Psychiatric Association!


Over the past few years, we have observed a growing inclusion of trans* depathologization issues in national and international human rights political agendas. 

While observing a growing support to the Stop Trans* Pathologization 2012 Campaign’s main depathologization demands from activists and professionals, and an increased presence of this issue in international political agendas, we are also noticing a lack of translation of these statements of interest into actual changes in the health and legal situations of trans people in various regions around the world. 

Thus, trans people’s experiences continue to be characterized by a logic of pathologization. 

The Stop Trans* Pathologization 2012 Campaign notes, with concern, that despite recent modifications in the latest version of the DSM-V draft, trans* expressions, trajectories and identities continue to be classified as mental health issues, both through the diagnostic criteria of “gender dysphoria” and “transvestic disorder.”

In addition, we also observe the persistence of pathologizing situations in trans* persons’ daily lives, both in legal and health arenas. 

In many countries around the world, trans* people have no access to good quality, state-covered trans-specific healthcare. In countries where the public health system does include trans*-specific healthcare, access to services is often bound to psychiatric or medical monitoring. 

Considering this constant categorization of trans* identities as pathological and its strong connection to stigmatization, social exclusion and transphobic violence, STP 2012 will continue to demand declassification of trans* expressions, trajectories, identities and bodies in the contexts of healthcare, law and social arenas. 

Due to the imminent release date of the next edition of the DSM, it is of utmost urgency that we lobby for trans* depathologization now!

STP 2012, International Campaign Stop Trans* Pathologization

May, 2012

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