Join Celia Brown and guests Lauren Tenney and Vanessa Jackson for a special Women’s History Month edition of MFI Alternative Mental Health Radio: “Honoring Women Involved with Psychiatric Survivor Research” LIVE this Saturday, March 30th @ 2pm ET/11am PT; we’ll be taking your calls at (646) 595-2125.

MFI Board President Celia Brown will be hosting a special Women’s History Month edition of the MindFreedom Radio Show!

Honoring Women Involved with Psychiatric Survivor Research


Celebrate Women’s History Month with MindFreedom International’s own Celia Brown as she highlights the work of two important women in the field of “Psychiatric Survivor Research:” Lauren Tenney and Vanessa Jackson. Women make up almost 2/3 of the population of psychiatric survivors in the United States (a disproportionate amount). Womens’ experiences in the mental health system (and OUT!) have an important place in the movement for human rights in mental health care that MindFreedom has proudly been a part of for the past 25+ years. Help us celebrate the incredible work of Vanessa Jackson and Lauren Teneny to earn public understanding of and respect for these stories of psychiatric survival.



vanessa jackson

VANESSA JACKSON is an activist and owner of Healing Circles, Inc., a personal and professional development consulting practice.  She earned a Master Degree from Washington University-George Warren Brown School of Social Work.   Vanessa is the author of In Our Own Voice: African-American Stories of Oppression, Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems and Separate and Unequal: The Legacy of Racially Segregated Psychiatric Hospitals, and several monographs on the history of African-American psychiatric experiences  She is currently working on a book with Elaine Pinderhughes, MSW on power in clinical and community settings. 

Vanessa’s passion is supporting activists in creating healthy and balanced lives. She offers an Activists Assistance Program to provide politically conscious and clinically sound counseling and healing workshops to Atlanta-area feminist non-profit organizations.


Learn more about the In Our Own Voice Project on its website.



LAUREN TENNEY is a psychiatric survivor and activist first involuntarily committed at age 15. She is an Adjunct Lecturer at the College of Staten Island, CUNY, and completing a dissertation (de)VOICED, in the PhD Program in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her work aims to expose the institutional corruption which is a source of profit for organized psychiatry, and to abolish state sponsored human rights violations, such as murder, torture and slavery.   


A few of Lauren’s writings are available online, including:      

Psychiatric Slave No More: Parallels to a Black Liberation Psychology, Journal of Radical Psychology.
Who fancies to have a Revolution here? The Opal Revisited (1851-1860). Journal of Radical Psychology,



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