When the World Psychiatric Association held a special international meeting on the subject of coercion in psychiatry, MindFreedom united with several other organizations of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors to negotiate inclusion in the conference, and create a dialogue. The results were video taped and are now online. [update May 2008]

Dorothea Buck speaks at World Psychiatric Association.

In June 2007 MindFreedom International representatives met with World Psychiatric Association representatives in a special international conference about coercion in the mental health system. 

To see photos, video, news conferences and statements from this historic event, click here:

Update: As a follow-up to the Dresden meeting, in September 2008, David W. Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, was a “Special Presenter” at the World Congress of the World Psychiatric Association when they met in Prague. For more info click here.


From 2007:

Peter Lehmann was negotiator on behalf of MindFreedom and several other user/survivor groups with the World Psychiatric Association. Reinhard Wojke provided professional video services.



Message from Peter Lehmann and Reinhard Wojke:

Video, photo and word documentation from the congress “Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry”, run by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in Dresden, Germany, June 2007 is now available online.


Dear friends,

This is for all who did not come to the congress “Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry,” run by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in Dresden, Germany, June 2007, and speak there against forced treatment:

The video, photo and text documentation from the perspective (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry is now available at:

We would be glad, if you distribute this mail in your organisations and mailing lists.

For example, find there the

===> Keynote lecture by Judy Chamberlin “Whose Voice? Whose Choice? Whose Power?”

===> Keynote lecture by Dorothea Buck “Seventy Years of Coercion in German Psychiatric Institutions, Experienced and Witnessed” plus the respond from Juan E. Mezzich, President of WPA

===> Complete symposium “Banned by Bio-psychiatry: What Users and Survivors of Psychiatry Really Want”, chaired by Peter Lehmann, with the lectures from David Oaks, Robert Whitaker, Peter Stastny & Mary Nettle

===> Lecture presentation by Jasna Russo: “The Importance of User-Controlled Research on Coercion”

===> “Declaration of Dresden Against Coerced Psychiatric Treatment” by ENUSP / WNUSP / MindFreedom International / BPE in the English, German, Icelandish, Greek and Japanese language.

Best wishes Peter Lehmann & Reinhard Wojke

P.S. A corrected version of Dorothea Buck’s lecture is published in “Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry”, edited by P. Stastny & P. Lehmann (2007).

You may buy this new book in MindFreedom’s Mad Market, click here:



For more information about MindFreedom assisting in this historic meeting with World Psychiatric Association leaders see:

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