May 2013…Join MindFreedom host, SOPHIE FAUGHT and activist filmmaker, LISE ZUMWALT to talk about forced drugging and her first feature film, “That’s Crazy,” which documents one man’s decision to take his treatment into his own hands, defying a commitment order and an order to treat while searching for recovery.LIVE on Saturday, May 11th, at 2 pm ET, 11 am PT. We’ll be taking your calls at (646) 595-2125.

Above: filmmaker and activist, Lise Zumwalt, guest on MindFreedom’s ALTERNATIVE MENTAL HEALTH RADIO

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Forced Psychiatric Drugging…
It’s on the rise in America. Find out why and what you can do to fight it!

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  • LISE ZUMWALT (photo on right), Sophie’s featured guest, has been making documentary films for 25 years for National Geographic Television, PBS, WNET, BBC, The History Channel and Discovery traveling from South Africa to the Baltic and from the Canadian Rockies to the South Side of Chicago. That’s Crazy, Lise’s first feature film documents one man’s decision to take his treatment into his own hands, defying a commitment order and an order to treat while searching for recovery.
  • Sophie will also be joined by MindFreedom member Ryan, a survivor of outpatient forced drugging. He will lay out the threat to our liberties posed by the expansion of forced drugging laws in this special edition of MindFreedom Radio dedicated to the topic of forced outpatient drugging.
  • Listeners will also learn more about dangerous new legislation in Texas: House Bill 2212 (full text here), which will dramatically expand the population eligible for assisted outpatient commitment in this state.

Join Lise, Ryan and host SOPHIE FAUGHT (blogger and MindFreedom Communications Director) for an exciting dialogue about the importance of madness on both the individual and societal levels.


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