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This year’s Protest of the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting is in NEW YORK CITY.WHEN: Sunday, May 4 at 12:00pm Eastern timeWHERE: 34th Street and 11th Avenue Across the street from Jacob Javitz Convention CenterPlease come.

Join us in protesting the APA convention this year!

On May 4, in New York City, join MindFreedom for a protest against psychiatry’s human rights abuses.


In 2014, America faces the gravest threat to civil rights in the mental health area in decades.

In a dire blow to basic human dignity, congress threatens to pass the Murphy Bill, providing a massive funding boost for brutal forced injections of psychiatric drugs against society’s most distressed and overwhelmed people. This bill expands so called ‘outpatient commitment’, the government practice of forcibly drugging people in their own homes. People in crisis are forced to live in terror of being rounded up out of their own homes, and forcibly drugged by an invasive and violent mental health system founded on Big Psychiatry / Big Pharma dogma about sham ‘chemical imbalances’. In Colorado, they are trying to add ‘resource mismanagement’ to the commitment laws, this means that if state psychiatry believes you are mismanaging your credit cards, they can use this as yet another justification to terrorize people with forced government needles full of brain altering drugs. In Boston, the Justina Pelletier case continues to capture the public’s attention. Justina, an innocent teenager, has been ripped away from her family and forced into psychiatric ‘care’, her case shows once and for all how much danger forced psychiatry poses to the rights of every parent, and of every citizen in the land.; #FreeJustina

WHEN?: Sunday, May 4 at 12:00pm Eastern time

WHERE?: 34th Street and 11th Avenue Across the street from Jacob Javitz Convention Center


DOWNLOAD THE FLYER (PDF file), put it up in your workplace or school. Spread the word. All are welcome.


MindFreedom is an independent human rights organization working to stop psychiatry’s violence against those the mental health system claims to be ‘helping’. We are a grassroots organization founded and funded by individuals who have been subjected to forced psychiatry. We are not affiliated with any religion, drug company or government. We believe in compassionate, humane alternatives to psychiatry’s violent system of drug based coercion.

Your government, in your name, is doing horrific things to some of the most vulnerable people in all of society. It is time to make your voice heard, join us in New York City on May 4 as we have our voice heard. These abuses must end. With your help, we can make a difference. Because brutalizing people who are going through emotional crises is NOT HELP, traumatizing people for the rest of their lives by raping their brains with forced drugging and locking them in cages, is NOT HELP. We need your REAL help. We need you to lend your voice to our desperate cries for freedom. Psychiatry for hundreds of years has smashed and meddled with our bodies in the name of their quack ‘treatments’. Psychiatry doesn’t listen when the most vulnerable beg them to stop, will you? Will you listen and join in solidarity with victims of psychiatry’s extreme violence against innocent people?

WHEN?: Sunday, May 4 at 12:00pm Eastern time

WHERE?: 34th Street and 11th Avenue Across the street from Jacob Javitz Convention Center

Having your right to own your own body ripped away…
Living in terror of strangers from the government meddling INSIDE your own brain…
Having your consciousness raped, spending every waking moment in a sedated drugged haze, because government psychiatry is forcing drugs into your veins!
Having broken no law, committed no crime, and losing more rights than even a convicted felon in prison loses…
This is the brutal and terrifying reality people ordered into forced drugging face. People from all walks of life, children, elderly, teens, veterans, psychiatry is prepared to forcibly drug anybody it claims meet its ‘criteria’.
And society calls this ‘help’.

What does forced psychiatry look like? The video below depicts a forced injection against a defenseless teenage girl who was in custody of the Canadian government. This is the brutal reality of forcing this brand of ‘help’ on people. Treating their bodies like that of an animal, to be forcibly injected with drugs, with complete disregard for that person’s basic human right to bodily integrity. Viewer discretion is advised, extremely graphic:




Below in another video a recent protest for human rights in response to the annual drug-company-money-soaked conference by the psychiatric profession. In Philadelphia, the place where the founding fathers of the United States declared liberty, members of MindFreedom and other allied survivors of the mental health system reminded the world that they will not give up the fight for equality in the face of the psychiatric profession’s ‘involuntary help’, violence and dehumanization.




Below, the founder of MindFreedom, 35 year community leader and survivor of forced psychiatry David Oaks, gives a speech in Philadelphia calling for nonviolent revolution in the mental health system.

Another speech below, an inspiring speech by Generation Y psychiatric survivor and MindFreedom member Laura Delano, who reminds us not to give up the fight, as ‘syringes sit prepped’ ready for forced drugging use in psychiatric facilities the world over.


Human rights lawyer and survivor of forced psychiatry Tina Minkowitz, interviewed on the topic of forced psychiatry in relation to international human rights law:


Below is a video of a British woman forced onto so called ‘outpatient commitment’ or ‘community treatment’. She details how she feels about the governmentand its employees in the mental health system dictating to her what to put into her own body. She later was driven to suicide by these human rights abuses. From within the bodily prison of her forciblydrugged consciousness, she testifies to the horror of her situation with such bravery and dignity; watch this truly heartbreaking story to see the human face behind forced psychiatry.

More and more, the brutality of state enforced psychiatry in this country is showing the public that they could be next, that nobody is safe from having these human rights atrocities forced upon them in the name of ‘help’. Government psychiatry believes it owns your body, and reserves the right to force toxic psychiatric drugs into your body at a moment’s notice, with nothing but a perfunctory rubber stamp legal justification. 

Syringes full of psych drugs sit prepped in every city in the land, and staff in facilities stand willing to hold down any citizen dragged in by the cops, and ignore their screams of ‘NO!’ as they pitilessly and violently shoot people up with drugs. You could be in this position tomorrow, and you needn’t have broken any law, all that needs to happen is you need to be accused of being ‘mentally ill’. Join the protest. If you believe in equality, if you believe in human dignity, join us as we speak out against these horrific practices. This hidden human rights crisis is reaching boiling point in 2014, it’s never been more important to support this fight against psychiatric assault.


On a national level, the Murphy Bill #StopHR3717 if passed, will reverse thirty years of progress in public psychiatric service delivery systems, including wiping out alternatives, PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness), and instituting a national involuntary outpatient commitment law, ordinarily carried out in racist and classist ways, but all are at risk of these brutal court orders forcing law-abiding citizens with psychiatric labels to submit their bodies to psychiatric drugging. HR3717 expands forced psychiatry and eliminates choice and informed consent. #StopHR3717

It is crucial that we come together and say #StopPsychAssault and Protest the American Psychiatric Association.


If you would like to help with the organizing work, post on the events page (below)…or if you cannot come to the protest in person, please post your letters of protest on this event page:

Your written posts of protest will be compiled and given to the APA and the MEDIA.


More information coming soon…

Thank you for your continuing support.


To read more about the ongoing crisis of forced psychiatry see here:


 We hope to see you there!

Be heard! Let’s END psychiatry’s brutality and fight for everybody’s right to own their own body!

A pseudoscientific dogma has been handed the right to force its way into the body of every man, woman and child in the land. It is time to fight back against these human rights abuses.

If you can’t make it to New York, join MindFreedom, become a donating member, join us on Facebook, volunteer for us, join one of our international chapters. 

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