MindFreedom has been busy in 2016 and looks forward to a potent New Year in 2017

Now more than ever in 2017, we are steadfast in our mission:
“In a spirit of mutual cooperation, MindFreedom leads a nonviolent revolution of freedom, equality, truth and human rights that unites people affected by the mental health system with movements for justice everywhere.”
The parts of our mission which we have been most involved in recently have been the promotion and advocacy of alternatives to the medical model in mental health, i.e. the work of the Choices Committee in presenting mini-conferences in Boston in October, 2015 and Portland in October, 2016 – and answering telephone calls and inquiries from individuals who are having problems associated with forced treatment of various kinds.


The Creative Revolution in Mental Health mini-conferences have provided information and support for the following alternatives:
Open Dialogue
Soteria-type Sanctuary Houses
Sunrise Center for Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs
Intentional Peer Support
Peer-run Crisis Respite Centers
Hearing Voices Network
Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
At each conference we have had people who are deeply involved in each of those approaches come to the conference to meet with people who want to learn more about them, start them, support them, etc.  In both 2015 and 2016 they were held as pre-conference events for the annual conference of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry.
Our work in answering calls from people who are concerned about or facing forced treatment has been done mainly by our office managers.  Now that is being done by Sarah Smith.  Part of this has involved the activation of the MindFreedom Shield for three individuals.
Thank you for your continued support of MindFreedom International. Look out for our fundraising campaign that will kick off shortly.

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