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David W. Oaks, former MFI Executive Director and longtime freedom fighter for psychiatric survivors, blogs on the parallels between chemical weapons in Syria and chemical abuse in the psych system.

David W. Oaks is joyfully pelted by flower petals at his home in Eugene, Oregon

The saber-rattling of the Obama administration has the world talking and debating about the possibility of America’s involvement in yet another conflict. In his latest blog post, David Oaks reflects on the subject…

“I want to encourage thinking, so “way to go” USA for pausing to consider the pros and cons of replying to Syria’s civil war and apparent poison attack. I will watch that debate, but it brings up two other poison attacks.

First, what should be our response to our so-called normal society’s chemical warfare against citizens who are considered crazy?”

Read David’s complete, thought-provoking blog post here.

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