This is an entry into info and updates about remembering David Romprey, including initial announcements about his death.

David Romprey Storms the BastilleGateway to MindFreedom’s Area for Remembering David Romprey

David Romprey was an Oregonian, psychiatric survivor, mental health consumer, advocate, community organizer, friend and supporter of MindFreedom and our social change movement.

He especially remembered the most marginalized and forgotten. David honored people in the back wards of the state psychiatric system and people in the psychiatric system in rural areas, even those he had never met.

Let’s now honor David — even if you have never met him.

For more info and updates about David — his memorial and life — click here.

(Photo: Dave Romprey at MindFreedom re-enactment of the storming of the Bastille in Paris on 14 July. it is a little-known fact that at the bottom of the Bastille, two individuals with psychiatric diagnoses were also freed. Since 1981, the psychiatric survivor movement has used 14 July as a special day for Mad Pride!)