The daily newspaper for Eugene, Oregon, USA — The Register-Guard — ran a guest commentary by long-time mental health worker Chuck Areford highly critical of the powerful psychiatric drugs known as neuroleptics or antipsychotics. This was followed by a guest perspective by a psychiatrist defending the drugs, as well as letters to the editor. Now Ron Unger, a mental health counselor and coordinator for MindFreedom Lane County, has weighed in. Follow the debate here, as well as links to research, citations, etc.

Debate in The Register-Guard newspaper continues about antipsychotic psychiatric drugs

Chuck Areford, long-time mental health worker, began the debate in the pages of The Register-Guard by critically of the antipsychotics, also known as neuroleptic psychiatric drugs.

Debate in The Register-Guard about Neuroleptic Psychiatric Drugs

Here is an overview of the debate so far in the pages of The Register-Guard about antipsychotic psychiatric drugs, also known as neuroleptics. Below is more information, including a link to helpful resources, citations and sources of information for Ron Unger’s most recent guest commentary on 1 April 2008.


  • 16 March 2008: Original guest commentary by mental health worker Chuck Areford that began the debate, “Antipsychotic drugs are doing harm.”
  • 16 March 2008: Version of Chuck’s guest commentary above with references to citations.
  • 25 March 2008: Guest commentary reply by psychiatrist Richard Staggenborg, MD, “Antipsychotic meds have proven role.”
  • 27 March 2008: By coincidence, during this same month neuroleptic drugs are debate, there is also a debate in the commentary section of The Register-Guard about the wisdom of allowing pharmaceutical industry gifts to doctors. This included an article about physician Gail Hacker who refuses such gifts, guest column (Mr. Smyly, by a pharamceutical rep), a letter to the editor, and a response by Dr. Hacker. To read this whole simultaneous debate click here.
  • 29 March 2008: Two letters to the editor were published in The Register-Guard in support of Chuck’s article, that you can read here: a letter by Hugh Massengill and a letter by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International.
  • 1 April 2008: Mental health counselor Ron Unger weighs in on the debate, responding to Dr. Straggenborg. Here is Ron’s guest commentary as submitted to The Register-Guard.
  • 7 April 2008: University of Oregon Professor Pam Birrell, PhD adds her voice to the debate, saying that non-drug approaches in mental health care are possible and workable. To read her letter click here.
  • Here are those helpful resources, citations and sources of information for Ron Unger’s 1 April 2008 article.
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