A news release from PyschRights concerning the possible connection between the psychiatric medications Esmin Green was taking and her tragic death.

August 14, 2008

Jim Gottstein

PsychRights To New York Medical Examiner:

Did Psychiatric Drugs Cause Esmin Green’s Fatal Blood Clot?

Because neuroleptics typically prescribed to involuntary psychiatric patients cause fatal blood clots, the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) today formally wrote Dr. Charles Hirsch, MD, New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner, requesting/demanding he reopen his investigation into the death of Ms. Esmin Green to determine whether her fatal blood clot was likely caused by the administration of psychiatric drugs (see, copy of the letter to the Medical Examiner).  In making the request, Jim Gottstein, President of PsychRights, wrote, “it seems highly probable Ms. Green was given one or more of the neuroleptics, either voluntarily or involuntarily before she suffered her fatal blood clot.”

Ms. Green’s death became a national scandal in June when her death was captured on a security camera after she had sat waiting for a bed to become available for 24 hours and then collapsed on to the floor.  She lay there for nearly an hour, writhing occasionally, while hospital personnel ignored her.  Finally someone noticed and revival efforts were attempted — but it was too late.

Mr. Gottstein stated, “We stand united with those who decry the extreme neglect of Ms. Green.  People with experience of the mental health system from the wrong side of the locked doors and syringes know what was unique about Ms. Green’s treatment was not the extreme neglect, but that it was captured on video and made public.”  Mr. Gottstein continued, “It is also important to recognize the role that psychiatric drugs play in what is now a 25 year-shorter life expectancy for those who get ensnared by the mental health system.”  The question posed to the Medical Examiner by PsychRights is whether Ms. Green’s death should also be marked up to the drugs she may have been given, possibly against her will.

The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights is a public interest law firm devoted to the defense of people facing the horrors of unwarranted forced psychiatric drugging and electroshock. PsychRights is further dedicated to exposing the truth about psychiatric interventions and the courts being misled into ordering people subjected to these brain and body damaging drugs against their will. Extensive information about these dangers, and about the tragic damage caused by electroshock, is available on the PsychRights web site: http://psychrights.org/.

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