Across the street from the hotel where Alternatives 2012 was held, a protest organized by MFI Members took place on a rainy October day.

The skies anointed our small group with rain. On 12 October, 2012 at 4:30pm PST, about 40 folks who were attending the Alternatives conference joined MFI as we protested against the use of ECT. We wrapped up and made our way across the street from the hotel and did some joyful shouting, singing, and splashing to bring attention to ECT abuses that still happen in this country.

We had survivors, supporters, and even an allies who are currently working in the mental health system. The energy was wonderful and we were even joined by a few passers by who honked their horns in solidarity. After hearing survivors give short, heartfelt talks we packed up and returned to the conference soaked, but elated.