Front Pagedepiction of human rights activist by artist Vesper Moore. They depict Judi as a middle age light skinned women with curly brown long hair and large glasses

Join us for the first Judi’s Room of 2023!

Wednesday Feb. 1st, 2023

3:00 PM Pacific

4:00 PM Mountain

5:00 PM Central

6:00 PM Eastern & Atlantic Standard

6 AM Eastern Australia, 12 PM Hawaii, 7 PM Brazil Standard, 11 PM in Ireland & UK

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Judi’s Room is getting a make-over. A new format is going to be tried in February – May.  It is hoped you will check it out and let us know what you think.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 6PM Eastern Time

Four video clips of Judi Chamberlin being interviewed by Scott Cooper, each followed by a discussion of her vision.


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People are welcome to come share their Judi stories, how you  have implemented Judi’s vision in your work, and what still needs to be done.


The goal is to empower ourselves with knowledge and community.


Leading the discussions will be Susan Fitzmaurice, Scott Cooper, and Susan Musante, while Ron Bass takes a much needed rest.


Susan Fitzmaurice is the founder of I Love You, Lead On, a cross-disability community that aims to celebrate disability, while providing support and opportunities to learn about our history and the issues we face. She has multiple disabilities and raises her adult son with different disabilities. She is the chair of Michigan Arts Access, an organization dedicated to arts for all.


Scott Cooper, videographer, founder of  It’s Our Story | uses the power of multimedia to uncover the power, passion, and pride associated with the disability experience. Since 2005, he has crossed the nation nine times, paying several visits to more than 48 states to document more than 1,600 video histories of the American disability fexperience via its “studio on wheels.”


Susan Musante, MS, LPCC, is the founding director of Soteria-Alaska, a model proven to be a highly effective alternative to hospitalization for newly diagnosed people. Susan is also the first full-time Executive Director of CHOICES, an alternative to conventional community mental health services directed and provided primarily by people who themselves have a “lived experience” with recovery. She is on the board of MindFreedom International.


ASL will be provided, only if it is requested. We need to raise money for an interpreter. Please consider a donation of any size. Support Judi’s Room


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picture of activist and psychiatric survivor Judi Chamberlin as a young woman

Judi Chamberlin, young activist in the seventies

Judi’s Room is named after the famed disabilities rights activist, Judi Chamberlin and is jointly presented the first Wednesday of every month by MindFreedom International and ‘I Love You Lead On.’ The meeting is free and open to the public. Judi’s Room usually starts with one or more invited presenters followed by a facilitated public discussion. All are welcome and both MFI and ILYLO strive to make Judi’s Room as accessible as possible. If you wish to support Judi’s Room with a monetary donation, consider one of two options below: