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How you download a simple free flyer – Now new and improved! – from MindFreedom to educate the public, clients and the mental health system about common myths. All facts are backed up with sources.

Truth Injection


Be a MindFreedom myth buster!



  1. Download a PDF of this two-page flyer at the link below.
  2. Photocopy the flyer back-to-back on any light-colored paper. (We like light green, but white or any color is fine.)
  3. Fold in thirds and hand out!




Click here to download your PDF of the MFI Truth Brochure.



We also offer bulk purchases of the brochure in our online store, with free shipping. Click here to buy.



For links to sources and citations supporting MFI Truth Brochure Facts, click here:



Your flyering can lead to some great conversations.

So each and every myth-busting fact in the MindFreedom Truth Brochure is documented.

Isn’t it time all mental health agencies back up their own statements in the same way?



Creative ways to administer your Truth Injection:

  • hand out at your local mental health system
  • insert in literature racks at your library or community center
  • give to friends, relatives, students, colleagues
  • and much more!


You can even make this into a poster! Just place the two pages on top of oneanother to create a neat 11 x 17 inch poster for bulletin boards!

MindFreedomalso has bundles of these brochures printed, folded and ready to go.Just provide a donation for printing/postage and we’ll postal mail youas many as we can for that amount. Let us know your donation is for “Truth Brochures” and we’ll send them right out.

Info on donating to MindFreedom is here:



Download your free Truth Brochure here today here:




Let us know your stories of handing out the MFI Truth Brochure! E-mail: news at



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For a plain text accessible version of the contents of the MFI Truth Brochure click here:




Thank you to MindFreedom Lane County affiliate, and most especially coordinator and mental health counselor Ron Unger, for creating this material, and carefully editing it. Also thanks to Jeremy Bensman for editing and Kris at McKenzie Printers Guild for production.


















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