You can take this free and easy self-test for normality wherever you are. It’s one more step to screening the whole world for normality.

How to Screen Yourself for Normality for Free!

Screen the World for Normality!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Screen Yourself for Normality!

by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Today has been declared “Mental Health Screening Day” by the psychiatric industry.

But wait! Don’t panic!

MindFreedom International, a nonprofit human rights coalition of 100 groups, launches a campaign today to “Screen the World for Normality”!

You can screen yourself *now*, wherever you are, in five easy steps.


Make an animal noise. Now. At your computer screen or wherever you are. Make any animal noise: Meow of a cat. Moo of a cow. Anything. Louder the better.

Evaluate yourself. Here is how:

Did you make an animal noise of any kind? You show no sign of normality. Congratulations!!

Did you did *not* make an animal noise of any kind? You show no sign of normality. Congratulations!!

Spread the word: Encourage others to take this simple Normality Screening Self-Test!


This screening was designed by experts. Every normality screening brings Earth that much closer to declaring victory.

Seriously: End the discrimination and segregation of “mentalism” in the mental health system today! All of humanity are in the same mad boat. It is time to ask some of those “Officially Labeled Mad” for navigation tips.

We normality screeners thank the amazing physician-clown Patch Adams and his international clown network. Their clown troupe in Florence, Italy, helped devise and inspire this normality screening effort.

The Normality Screening campaign is sponsored by MFI’s “Voices for Choices in Mental Health Care Campaign” in cooperation with the Mad Pride Movement and the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM), which is a real organization that Martin Luther King, Jr. called for creating more than ten (10) times.


PLEASE LET OTHERS KNOW about this Normality Self-Screening Test both on and off Internet!


Stay tuned for more news…

Just a few hours after e-mailing you this, I and a wonderful MindFreedom Normality Screening Crew — that includes both a physician and a psychologist — cross the Potomac River with our rubber chickens and squeaky red noses to peacefully screen for normality directly in front of the American Psychiatric Association headquarters.


Watch here for results.

We are optimistic.

But then again, we’re just not normal.




Screening for Normality Campaign

Successful MAD PRIDE activities this week include Belgium (featuring an appearance by Dan Taylor of MindFreedom Ghana Africa)… An Australian concert… UK’s Bonkersfest doing normality screenings… a photo op at the Alternatives 2007 conference in St. Louis today at 1:30 pm, as well as our screening at the headquarters of the American Psychiatric Association headquarters in Arlington:

or go here:


David W. Oaks blogs about normality screening here:


Mad Pride Movement:


International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM) which Martin Luther King, Jr. really truly did call for more than ten times… along with brief videos about how to screen for normality:

or go here:


The only requirement for *you* to call yourself an IAACM leader is peacefully follow these MLK-inspired nonviolence guidelines:

or go here:


And yes, also in the spirit MLK and Gandhi, MindFreedom is seeking to engage psychiatric professional organizations in mediated dialogue.

Videos of MindFreedom activists and allied psychiatric survivor/mental health consumer groups successfully dialoging at the World Psychiatric Association conference in Dresden, Germany in June 2007 are here:

or go here:


In Arlington, Virginia for the next few days you can meet and hear from the normality screeners themselves, who are attending and speaking at the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology conference, special theme of defending youth from psychiatric human rights violations. David Oaks is one of the keynote speakers:


MindFreedom International Live Free Internet Radio this Wed., 17 October 2007 at 4 pm features an interview with one of the “normality screeners” in front of the APA headquarters today: psychologist and author Al Galves of New Mexico. You can call in live. Host: David W. Oaks.


And of course, please visit Normal, Illinois, USA. Because once you’ve visited Normal, Illinois then you too can wave your hands around and honestly say to your friends, “None of this is Normal”:


PLEASE LET OTHERS KNOW about this “Normality Screening Self-Test” both on and off the Internet! Please forward, print out and tell people!