Front Pagepicture of Celia Brown, a black woman with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, she is smiling

Update: Thanks to Board member Susan Musante for attending a recent Memorial Tribute to Celia Brown and for providing a link to the recording below!

Here is MindFreedom’s official statement

The world lost a great advocate and leader with the passing of Celia Brown on Sunday night, December 11th, 2022.  Celia was a self-identified psychiatric survivor who advocated for the rights of psychiatric survivors and people with disabilities around the world.  She was a long time member of Mind Freedom International and served as President for around 20 years.  Mind Freedom International is committed to winning human rights and alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities and Celia embodied the mission through her persistent advocacy. 

Celia used her quiet, steady determination and wisdom in leading MindFreedom International.  She was clear and firm in her decisions, but always open to hearing and  considering the views of others.  She was unshakeable in her commitment to supporting people who were going through hard times and helping them not just to survive, but to  thrive.  As President of MindFreedom, she experienced challenging times with some of her advocacy stances, but weathered them in her steadfast way.  She continued her leadership of MFI right up until the end.

She was also a founding member of the National People of Color/Consumer Survivor Network and Surviving Race.  Celia was well regarded as the Regional Advocacy Specialist at the NYC Field Office, NYS Office of Mental Health, providing technical assistance and support to people with psychiatric disabilities and their families and facilitating trainings on peer support, wellness, and recovery approaches in community mental health agencies.  The Board of Mind Freedom International is extremely appreciative of the work Celia did for the rights of people with disabilities and in particular,  for her dedication to the work of Mind Freedom International.  We shall miss her but will follow her lead in continuing our commitment to fight for choice and the rights of people with psychiatric involvement.