This page lists some of the resources on movement activity in Indiana to change the mental health system.

Last updated November 28, 2012. 

Welcomeindiana-flag.gif to Organizing in Indiana!

Please network with each other, exchange news, and make any corrections or suggestions, etc. about this list — which is definitely incomplete — to the brand new MindFreedom Indiana Facebook page.


Upcoming Events and Alerts



MindFreedom Groups and Other Allies in Indiana

We’d like to list allies in the movement in Indiana, if you know of any please suggest them on the MindFreedom Indiana Facebook page. (You can also see a worldwide list of MindFreedom allies and sponsors).


Regional, national, global or trans-local


Points of Contact

Do you have energy for activism in Indiana? This active MindFreedom member has identified herself as a ‘point of contact’ if you’d like to help build an affiliate:

  • Sophie Faught – sophie(at)mindfreedom(dot)org


Email Lists and Forums


We don’t know of any. If you do, please let us know about them on the Indiana Facebook page.