Some news about electroshock, and other similar devices. A mental health industry publication reports on several ‘brain stimulation’ devices that are being introduced or already introduced. Watch out!

A few bits of news about the electroshock device, and it’s “cousin,” which are sci-fi type devices designed to ‘stimulate’ the brain. These are not like some new age mild magnets, we’re talking about powerful technology.

First some good news, Linda Andre’s new book blasting electroshock is out. MindFreedom has a review copy of Doctors of Deception and Martin is arranging to add it to the MAD MARKET, watch for it soon. Even glancing through one can see TONS of info critical of shock, and of shoddy/biased media coverage. Congratulations Linda!

Second, for those of you who listened to the MindFreedom web radio show this past Saturday… RAY SANDFORD made a surprise brief appearance! Mary Maddock thanked Ray for all of his courageous. You can listen to the archive via blogtalkradio, the link is via  I’m still learning system, but we did have Mary on and a bunch of callers and listeners, including some of you, thanks!

Now, about the “cousin” of the electroshock device:

I noticed in an industry newsletter (BIPOLAR NETWORK NEWS v 12, issue 4, 2008) about reports regarding several ‘brain stimulation devices.’

These are sometimes pitched as ‘alternatives’ to electroshock.


Now, THERE’S a title designed to mystify regular people and keep out democracy!

It was held in Munich last July 2008.

The reported says that the rTMS device has, unfortunately, already gotten into some USA doctor’s offices. It’s being leased to some doctors for their individual patients.

rTMS is an attempt to have shock without that anesthesia — and of course the ‘head injury high’ hypothesis of convulsive-type shock still applies to this newer version. You can just google rTMS to find out loads.

Wikipedia has articles on this and other ‘brain stimulation’ (mentioning this is not necessarily recommendation for Wikipedia articles, I have not even read them):

The industry article says it may be some time before the rTMS procedure becomes “widely available” in the US. Let’s hope so, as I’ve said they could become like tanning salons.

Neurostar’s version is already out and approved by FDA.

See their web site here, with photo of the rTMS device:

Other types of rTMS devices were approved several years ago in Canada and some European countries.

Some other “cousins” of the shock device are also moving forward:

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

DBS is so scary, even the editors of BNN add a special note that DBS “remains highly experimental.”

Well, that’s true of all shock devices. Traditional elctroshock devices have never been tested for safety and efficacy by the USA Food & Drug Administration, after all these years, and remain a “Class Three” or untested device. They were grandfathered in.

And finally, one more:

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)

Supposedly this works on “neural modulation”:

If you thought the financial system was under-regulated, wait until you hear about the ‘brain zapping’ industry.

The electroshock device has harmed so many people, and all of the problems that apply there apply to these new developments.

Watch out, humanity.

If there is not oversight, these approaches could become as common as tanning salons, without adequte alternatives, information and consent.

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