A brief “thank you” to the many blogs challenging and seeking to change the mental health system.

Thinking about blogs about changing the mental health system.

Did you know inside the MindFreedom “Knowledge Base” we keep a folder full of links to blogs that are in some way related to changing the mental health system? You can go directly to this folder of blogs by clicking here.

Of course, this informal directory is not necessarily a recommendation or endorsement of all the content that may be found in said blogs (interesting that we need to provide such disclaimers, but based on feedback we apparently do). There is no way this can be a complete list of blogs, but if you know of others that would be a good fit let us know.

There are quite a few blogs related to changing the mental health system, and more each day. I just personally added one today about defending people in Canada from coerced mental health procedures. That blog was started by the courageous professional journalist Rob Wipond of British Columbia. I’m glad Rob has become one of those to made our own media. In the 21st century, creating our own media is just a push button away but we need to learn to use it!

I attended a workshop Rob gave about why it is so difficult for our “mad movement” to reach the general media. I liked how he said that our problem is we have a whole “house of cards” to build, quickly, with any given mainstream media source. We have to explain:

  • History of our social change movement.
  • Why psychiatric industry is biased toward medical model.
  • How the well-advertised medical model is not necessarily scientifically proven.
  • Why there needs to be alternatives.
  • How we are not necessarily “anti-drug,” we are pro-choice.
  • Why we need to hear from mental health consumers/psychiatric survivors.
  • That we are not all “violent mentally ill,” that many of us have something to say!
  • How there are groups representing us, and allies that need to be heard from.
  • And more!

If any *one* of these cards does not get established, quickly, in a few minutes (the length of a “pitch” to the media) then the whole house of cards falls down.

So congratulations to all the folks who are “creating their own media” such as by blogging! Creating your own blog is now fairly easy and free.

If you don’t have or want a blog, consider writing your own occasional essay, article, opinion piece, and getting it out, including via MindFreedom International. In the MFI web “Frequently Asked Questions” section we now have an essay about “how to get out your own news,” and even “how to get out your own alert.”

In the 21st century, we all are our own media!

It is a a plan down the way that MindFreedom may offer a range of voices through methods such as blogs and forums on this web site. Your feedback is welcome, I’m at oaks at mindfreedom.org.

To again, check out those blogs we know about, click here. And if you know of a relevant blog not on the list, please let us know.

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