Creative Support Takes On Psychiatric Corruption! When the American Psychiatric Association holds their large Annual Meeting in 2009 in San Francisco, once more MindFreedom International will be there to greet them with a nonviolent protest, co-sponsored by California Network of Mental Health Clients in a “Festival of Resistance.” All are invited to join us with skits, music, speakers and free refreshments to change the mental health system, that will be YouTubed.

  • Convention
when May 17, 2009
from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM
where Moscone Center, California, USA
contact name
contact phone 541-345-9106
attendees All who support MindFreedom International mission and nonviolent guidelines.
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Be part of a YouTubed protest where we show:

Creative Mutual Support Vs. Psychiatric Corruption!

Call for criminal penalties for human rights violations in mental health.

Celebrate Mad Pride!

On Sunday afternoon at 1 pm, 17 May 2009, MindFreedom will have a legal, nonviolent protest in front of the huge psychiatric drug exhibit at Moscone Center in San Francisco at the start of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

Speakers and performers include:

  • Larry Belcher, Director, California Network of Mental Health Clients
  • Frank Blankenship from Florida: chair, MindFreedom Affiliate Support Committee
  • Delphene Brody, Director, Mental Health Services Act, California Network of Mental Health Clients
  • Michele Curran, long-time client advocate in California
  • Leonard Roy Frank – long-time activist and electroshock survivor from San Francisco
  • Al Galves, PhD, from New Mexico: psychologist, mental health consumer and author, as well as MindFreedom board member
  • Molly Hogan, coordinator, MindFreedom San Francisco
  • Ashley McNamara, artist, writer, and activist with The Icarus Project and the Bay Area Radical Mental Health Collective
  • Matt Morrissey, dissident mental health counselor in San Francisco
  • David W. Oaks from Oregon: psychiatric survivor and director of MindFreedom International
  • Ron Unger from Oregon: mental health worker and coordinator, MindFreedom Lane County

Sunday’s protest is:

  • Sponsored by MindFreedom International.
  • Co-sponsored by California Network of Mental Health Clients.
  • Endorsed by Social Accountability Work Group and Bay Area Radical Mental Health Collective.

Free refreshments.

Sunday’s event is free, nonviolent and legal.

(On Monday morning at 10 am, 18 May 2009, individuals plan to carry out a news conference and nonviolent direct action, including skits of big giant pills arriving to the drug exhibit hall. Some individuals may conduct sit-in style nonviolent civil disobedience.)

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