On 7 May 2010, David Oaks provided a keynote to the international activist conference PsychOut in Toronto, Canada. Organizer Shaindl Diamond here provides a positive evaluation and ‘thank you.’

David Oaks is an inspiring leader in the mad movement who bring a contagious positive energy to all the work he does. He was a keynote speaker at PsychOUT: A Conference for Organizing Resistance Against Psychiatry, where he shared some of the insights he has gained from his thirty years of organizing with the mad movement. He advocates for radical change, but values inclusivity, connection, community building, and working across political and ideological differences that exist among psychiatric survivors and mad people. He is extremely knowledgeable about the psy-professions, biological psychiatry, and human rights abuses within the system, and should be a welcome speaker at any conference on “mental health.” His perspective and passion benefit all of us.

I highly recommend David as a speaker at any venue, but particularly at psychological and psychiatric conferences, where his knowledge about the value of madness and human rights is needed most!!  David sees a role for all people in the non-violent revolution and actively seeks out connections with every person who is interested in protecting human rights and healing the world.