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Today, MindFreedom plans a skit because Sarah Palin is speaking at a hotel one block from our office in Eugene, Oregon. Just the plan itself is getting national publicty!

Amazing how much interest just planning to speak out has gained… Time Magazine mentioned our plans today, 23 April 2010.

You see, one block from our MindFreedom office by the train station in Eugene, is the Hilton Hotel. And Sarah Palin is speaking there today for a fundraiser for the local Republican party.

So MindFreedom plans a peaceful skit out front, pointing out that Ms. Palin does not speak for those diagnosed with mental disabilities. Those of us with such a diagnosis will offer her an honorary one.

Just announcing our little plan got us attention in about four newspapers, plus the Associated Press, and now, Time Magazine!

Here’s the Time article:,8599,1984053,00.html

Perhaps in a troubled society more and more under the wet blanket ofnormality, ANY signs of ANY creativity are more noticeable.

Watch for announcements about our YouTube video soon!

Hopefully the attention will inspire others to show their “creative maladjustment” in peaceful Mad Pride drama events!

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