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This morning, Wednesday, Ray Sandford is scheduled for another weekly outpatient electroshock. He is comforted by knowing people are calling the Governor. Did you call yet?

I just phoned the office of the Governor of Minnesota.


I hope you are calling too.


And again.

We need to find out what the Governor knows about the use of electroshock over and against a citizens’ wishes, even when the citizen is living at home out in the community.

For those who missed the past two MindFreedom News alerts on this subject here they are:

Now, I am not questioning the intent of those in government and the mental health system. I cannot tell what is going on in their heart.

But it strikes me that the result of all of this coerced psychiatric drugging, labeling, segregation, and also electroshock, is that hundreds or thousands of citizens are prevented from exercising their own free minds to the best of their ability.

What are the implications of having hundreds or even thousands of citizens disabled by psychiatric coercion? How does this coercion intimidate and traumatize not only those harmed, but also those who hear about such oppression?

By coincidence, after I hung up the phone I heard on National PublicRadio about how the Minnesota Senate race is at this moment only 206votes apart, out of millions of ballots cast.

Certainly, far more than 206 citizens in Minnesota have been harmed and intimidated by human rights violations in the mental health system. So who knows, perhaps psychiatric oppression might even impact elections. Whether or not there is intent, those on the receiving end know what forced electroshock is:


MindFreedom is reporting Minnesota’s forced outpatient electroshock to the United Nations.

You are encouraged to phone up the Governor of Minnesota. Phone any time, but Wednesdays are best. Because I’ve talked a number of times with Ray Sandford, and he is comforted to know you and others care, and are speaking out to the Governor. Please call now:

From anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free: (800) 657-3717.

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