Present for Peace is a community of support for those who suffer from anxiety.

My name is Cindy Olejar and I am here to support you. I am a Seattle native, have an economics degree, a masters in teaching degree, taught elementary grades 4 and 5, owned a dog and cat business, worked as a peer support specialist, and am a nutritional therapy practitioner. I love to learn! 

Anxiety has a purpose and message. Understanding what your anxiety is telling you can give you the wisdom to experience a peaceful state.  

There is not a one size fits all way to relieve anxiety. You decide the path you want to take and the tools you want to use. 

Our mission is to guide you to understand the message of your anxiety and to empower you to discover and create the way you want to be and live. 

We offer a free weekly support group via Zoom every Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm PST and free one on one support via Zoom or by phone. 

To receive the weekly group support Zoom link email Cindy at

To set up a one on one meeting or for questions email Cindy at or text or call at 206-755-1393.