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Help Us Raise the Shield with People Power!

MFI has launched a campaign to support the Shield, one of MFI’s signature programs. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to keep the Shield in operation until we can find a way of permanently endowing/sustaining it through people power. Without your help, we will not be able to launch future Shield campaigns!

You can find out more about the Shield and why it is important on our Mighty Mouse crowdfunding platform.

In the video above, new MFI board member, Vesper Moore explains why it is important to advocate for human rights, “On our terms!”

As David Oaks, former Director of MFI once said, “people are unlikely to cut down the limb they are sitting on!” If you or someone you love is psychiatrically labeled, you probably know how challenging it is to find good legal counsel or advocacy from within the same system that is court ordering you or a loved one into harmful psychiatric treatment.

It  is difficult to fight systemic oppression from within.

We need independently funded survivor-led organizations to thrive in order to fight systemic oppression. Support independent C/S/X voices today ! Support MindFreedom’s Shield!

To learn more about the Shield and why it is important or to make a donation to the Shield today click HERE!

A photo of Vesper Moore a Brown, Hispanic, Mixed-Race, Indigenous person, wearing a patterned dark blue shirt in front of a cyan/light blue background.Vesper Moore, MFI board member and community organizer, can be found in several places around the web. On TikTok [@vespermoore] they are doing a series of short videos, “Unspoken Histories of Mental Health,” where they teach people about things like the history of “hysteria” and “the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians.” Vesper has also been helping to revitalize Madness Network News.