Ray Sandford had his re-hearing about his involuntary electroshock. I’ve heard from Ray and an eye witness that the hearing did not go well. We’re waiting for the judge’s decision.

Since I live in Oregon, I was not able to attend the hearing this past Tuesday about Ray Sandford’s maintenance outpatient involuntary electroshock in Minnesota.

The good news is that Ray had a chance to say a bit about what he has been going through.

But I’m losing count of the bad news. Here are a few:

  • Court hearings are usually held a public place that has an aesthetic of dignity. Ray’s hearing was held in the basement of Region’s Hospital, apparently for the convenience of the doctors who are testifying.
  • Attorneys are supposed to be fierce advocates for the accused. Unfortunately, Ray’s attorney Jon Duckstad has not been been responsive to Ray, or to allies who are seeking to help Ray. Mr. Duckstad was unable to find one witness who would testify on behalf of Ray against his forced shock.
  • The psychiatrist who was brought in to testify had previously treated Ray, and said he had given more than 2,000 electroshocks. Of course he supported forced shock.
  • The “Guardian ad litem” who is in charge of the decision on forced electroshock — Terri Bradley — said she had been involved in more than 200 involuntary psychiatric procedure hearings, including several involving forced shock. Terri said she supported the forced shock of Ray, the individual who she is supposedly guarding. (By the way, Ms. Bradley does not work for Lutheran Social Services as a tv news show mistakenly reported.)

So there you have it. A judge is mandated to listen to the expert witnesses, and where is the expert witness for Ray?

And what an array of forces are aligned against Ray.