MindFreedom Maine reports about their vigil that said “No” to electroshock, and to bias in media and books about electroshock. Their peaceful vigil in Boston remembered those killed and harmed by electroshock human rights violations. Updated 23 October 2007.

Report: MindFreedom Members Challenge Bias by Kitty Dukakis in Electroshock Book.

The book “Shock” by Kitty Dukakis is a biased promotion of electroshock.

Update 23 October 2007: To read a brief report by MindFreedom Maine about their successful vigil in front of appearance by Kitty Dukakis to promote her book on electroshock, click here. 

Update 18 October 2007: The below vigil by MindFreeedom on 15 October 2007 was a success. Members spoke out about the “other side of the story” about electroshock when Kitty Dukakis praised the procedure in a speech at Northeastern University.

For an article by the Northeastern University newspaper quoting MindFreedom members click here:


Update 10 October 2007: This Monday’s vigil will be in front of the auditorium as planned, but on the public sidewalk in front of the main auditorium entrance, so that placards and flyers are okay. Organizers of the vigiil are in friendly contact with campus police to make sure this is a safe, legal, peaceful event, and police suggested having the vigil on the public sidewalk in front of the auditorium, so that there is no question of the vigil’s First Amendment rights to have placards and distribute flyers. Please attend! Note: If you bring a sign, you will not be able to display that on campus, so you will need to put that sign away before attending the speech.

MindFreedom Maine Alert – maine@mindfreedom.org
20 September 2007

Action Alert!!

A pro-electroshock book, “Shock,” will be promoted in a speech on Monday, 15 October 2007 at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. The speech by authors Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye will almost certainly be one-sided, so you could help by attending the event with a sign promoting “no forced shock,” humane alternatives to electroshock, etc.

Please help remember those who have been harmed and killed by human rights violations involving electroshock, which is also known as “electroconvulsive therapy” or ECT. This book, and mainstream media, tends to tell the public about those who support electroshock, instead of the many who are harmed.

This is a nonviolent legal activity. Please keep written and verbal comments civil.

You are invited to be at this vigil and free event. The speech will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, so arrive about 5:30 pm with your written sign. You could line up making it clear to everyone attending that there is definitely another view on the subject of ECT!

The location of the Kitty Dukakis speech is at Raytheon Auditorium, Egan Research Center, 120 Forsyth St., Northeastern University, Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. For map and directions see below.

Please pass on the word to people who are interested in human rights and mental health. Let them know about this event through email, word of mouth, etc. Get the word out that alternative ideas need to be presented by demonstrators at the scene of the Kitty D. and Larry T. pro-shock presentation.

This is a human rights issue, so arrive with the intent to carry on a peaceful demonstration inside and/or outside the auditorium. If you wish, you can attend the speech and ask polite, but pointed questions.

For more information on electroshock see:

MindFreedom Sponsor Group ECT.ORG

Leonard Roy Frank’s quotes on electroshock.

Peter Breggin on electroshock. 

Location of vigil and speech:

A campus map is here and Raytheon Auditorium is number 60:


For a close-up of Raytheon Auditorium (60) go here:


A Google map of the location is here:


For more info:

Via the MindFreedom Maine affiliate, contact maine@mindfreedom.org

Gloria Gervais, MindFreedom Maine; P.O Box 86 Unity, ME 04988 USA ph: (207) 948-2230

MindFreedom office: ph: 541-345-9106 or office@mindfreedom.org

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