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Judi’s Room – An Educational Series hosted by MindFreedom International in Collaboration with “I Love You, Lead On!”

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

6:00 PM ET 5:00 CT 4:00 MT 3:00 PT

Pre-registration is required

In the spirit of Judi Chamberlin, our Fifth educational series offers a free, online presentation and discussion which continues the monthly educational series called ‘Judi’s Room’, a joint effort of MindFreedom International and “I Love you, Lead On”

Discussed will be the themes that unite us in our fight to have the supports needed to live a quality of life within communities of our choice. Coming from their years of personal experience as activists the speakers will discuss the possibility of confronting the challenges to our needs and rights rights through the creation of new partnerships. The project will create regional Shield networks which will be a collaboration of MindFreedom International Shield members with Lawyers and Independent Living Centers directed at overcoming the power inequities that severely limit our choices.


Al Galves is a psychotherapist in La Cruces, New Mexico, and is a member or the Board of Directors of MindFreedorn International. Al is the author of Lighten Up Dance with your Dark Side.


Sarah Smith is currently a staff member of MindFreedom International and is one of the founding members of Rethinking Psychiatry. Previously, she served as the Development Director for Catholic Community Services and as a Development professional for a host of other non-profit organizations. She is the mother of a psychiatric survivor.

Ron Bassman is Executive Director of MindFreedom International

He is a Psychiatric Survivor who was twice hospitalized for schizophrenia and later earned his PhD in psychology. His work and life have centered on the rights of all people to have genuine choices and to oppose involuntary treatments.

Candie Burnham is the Executive Director of Atlantis Community, Inc. which serves the Greater Denver area. She is a Board member of the National Council on Independent Living. Candie advocates for all people with disabilities to be a meaningful part of an integrated community of their choice.

Misty Dion is CEO for the Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL) and has 16 years of experience empowering and promoting independence to members of the Disability Community. She is a proud member of National ADAPT and a founding member of the North Central PA ADAPT chapter.


Tom Olin is a long-time disability activist and member of ADAPT whose historic photographs document the struggle for rights and the fight for passage of the ADA. Tom’s current work centers on exposing the dangers and the abolition of forced congregate living spaces and the need for all people to have the opportunity to live in communities of their choice.

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