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When a psychiatrist not only forcibly electroshocks a person, but also tries to keep them from speaking out on a TV news show… that sounds like it ought to get a Super Bully Award.

If you haven’t already read our news item about today’s decision from a television station be sure to check it out.

That’s right. Let me try to wrap my mind around this:

  • A psychiatrist gives a woman forced electroshock.
  • The woman manages to summon up the courage to speak out about the experience on national TV.
  • And does the psychiatrist resign? Does the psychiatrist apologize?

No, the psychiatrist files a complaint with the television station, claiming it is they who are violating the rights of this woman because she is supposedly incompetent to agree to be on the television station.

What a perfect illustration of something I’ve been trying to explain for a long time.

Mental and emotional distress is universal. We are all — all of us humans — in the same mad boat. None of us has a grip on reality. It’s impossible to grip reality according to modern science.

So when I see a psychiatrist try to muzzle a courageous survivor of human rights violations, I see severe and extreme mental and emotional problems on the part of the psychiatrist. I see domination. I see authoritarianism. I see a lack of empathy. I see bullying.

Thank you to TV3 in New Zealand for saying “no” to this bullying, and for airing the piece about forced electroshock.

By the way, forced electroshock continues in almost all countries in the world, including the USA. That’s right, electroshock against the expressed wishes of the public. We’re proud at MindFreedom that as a result of our request, the World Health Organization has called in writing in one of their legal handbooks for the complete ban of all involuntary electroshock.

On the above linked alert, you are encouraged to provide a civil comment to the employer of the psychiatrist, and a thank you to the TV3 folks.

And do I see a pattern here? If you read earlier in our Blog, you’ll see how a front group for the pharmaceutical industry has also been trying to stop our movement from reach the mainstream media… and of course how Eli Lilly went to court to unsuccessfully keep their files on Zyprexa secret.

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