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Appreciation to everyone who helped on the new web site!

Just a quick note thanking everyone who has helped on the new web site.

Thanks much to MindFreedom members who have been volunteering to assist with the production on this new web site. For instance, all the personal stories and the mad market items were ‘migrated’ from the old site to the new site, like a ‘barnraising’ as one member said. Thanks!

And of course thanks to Aaron at NetCorps for the persistent work despite our being innundated with so very many other projects. And thanks to Erin here at the office.

And thanks to Jonah for the support to just get a basic Plone site up!

On behalf of MindFreedom’s board, members, and me… and on behalf of people struggling for human rights and alternatives in the mental health system… THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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