MindFreedom Oregon Webinar Monday, 21 February 2022 at 2 pm pacific

The Road Less Traveled: Historic Foundations for Three Decades of
Progressive Mental Health Leadership in Oregon

Two of the main mental health consumer leaders in Oregon for decadeshave been Bob Nikkel and Kevin Fitts. You are invited to this live interview
by Kevin of Bob.

No pre-registration required. Monday, 21 February 2022, at 2 pm PT justclick on this link:


Bob Nikkel interviewed by Kevin Fitts

Bob Nikkel is an advocate for peer respect and meaningful involvement in

mental health and addiction programs at all levels of the system. For six years he served as Oregon’s mental health commissioner and is writing history of progressive movements in Oregon’s mental health history, with amajor focus on peer supports and services.

Kevin Fitts is the Executive Director for Oregon Mental Health ConsumersAssociation (OMHCA). Kevin also serves on the State of OregonConsumer Advisory Council, State of Oregon Addictions and Mental HealthPlanning & Advisory Committee, Unity Center for Behavioral HealthAdvisory Committee, Multnomah County Adult Mental Health & SubstanceAbuse Advisory Council Executive Committee, and “A Home for Everyone”coordinating council.

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