Again, today, 25 March 2009, Ray has another forced shock, and we’re beginning to see the big picture.

It’s Wednesday mornings like this that we at MindFreedom especially think of Ray. He’s now on an “every three week” forced electroshock schedule.

We’re beginning to see the “big picture” about Ray’s forced electroshock.

When we fought forced electroshock of people INSIDE institutions, they could at least be discharged, or the forced shock could be stopped.

But Ray is already out in the community, living in a home integrated into his neighborhood. Ray cannot be discharged.

To end Ray’s forced electroshock will take an enormous change, apparently involving thousands of people.

For example, several MindFreedom members have been researching all the dozens — literally dozens — of agencies and individuals in Minnesota that in some way get taxpayer funding because of Ray Sandford. A few of those agencies are taking action and expressing concern about this issue. But the vast majority of these agencies are doing nothing, or in some way actively supporting Ray’s forced electroshock.

In other words, an enormous amount of taxpayer money is being wasted because of abuse that Ray is experiencing, and thousands of other Americans are experiencing.

Yet, at the same time, we here throughout the USA that the mental health system needs more funds, that it is in crisis, that it is experiencing cut-backs, that mental health and physical health ought to “integrate.”

Well, the mental health system has the thousands upon thousands of dollars it takes to surround him with people and agencies who are defending and promoting his ongoing torture, because that is what it is: torture.

Ray puts a human face on the enormous waste of scarce taxpayer dollars used so that the mental health system can abuse, traumatize and devastate American citizens.

For many of us in this field, the idea of being marched to a forced electroshock is the worst nightmare. We are thinking of you Ray, and we will not stop speaking out and standing up for your right to be free.

– David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International