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MindFreedom International is initiating an extensive 2 year training program in New York City with Dr. Kate Hudgins, the originator of the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) for International Certification in her worldwide highly acclaimed, non-medical, trauma informed, strength based model of action methods.


Training and International Certification now available for Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM)

The intention is to create a supportive network for those wanting to work with or seek help from persons trained to address the significant consequences of trauma toward full recovery regardless of the level of breakdowns that may have occurred. Each of the training modules teach safe usable skills for all areas of practice for Clinicians, Peer Counselors, Volunteers, and Community Organizers etc.  The First year of the program in New York city begins with the free-standing experiential weekend module, March 14th-16th, 2014. 

Continuing educational units will be offered for all clinicians and educators.

The cost for the March session is $500; with a 10 percent discount for those joining MindFreedom the cost is $450.
All other trainings are $650 and 10 percent discount of $585. If you sign up for a whole year, you get an additional 5 percent off tuition.

For further information regarding this initiative, the costs, further module dates, and enrollment, please contact  or by Phone at  888-371-3633.

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Despite the unsubstantiated claims of mainstream psychiatry, more and more research indicates that nearly all serious mental breakdowns, regardless of the problematic depersonalizing classifications stem not from genetic abnormalities or from disturbances in brain chemistry prior to the use of mind numbing and damaging medications, they stem primarily from earlier serious and extended trauma, stress, and disturbances in significant parenting figure attachments and or inappropriate and over use of medications and or drugs.

Despite the extensive disturbing and enlightening writings of researchers like Paris Williams, Robert Whitaker and Dr. Gail Hornstein among others, few outside of psychiatric survivors believe as yet in real recovery. Fewer still are trained to provide the kind of support needed to guide others through their recovery process. To no avail, persons experiencing crises and their family members seek referrals for well established, effective therapies and groups to address their extensive concerns.

Peer support has been shown to be meaningful; it enables people with lived experience to be a role model and demonstrate the many aspects, strengths, challenges and solutions gleaned from their recovery journey. The most effective support at this time comes from peer counselors, psychiatric survivors achieving recovery and stability in their own lives often without the continued consumption of medications whose long term use is shown to cause serious problems.

While training programs such as Howie T. Harp Peer Advocacy and Training Center and other peer training programs in New York City provide training for more individuals who want to become peer specialists, there is a great lack of extensive certifying programs to accelerate safely and non-medically, full recovery.

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