This is to let you know Robert Whitaker just published a very informative article on Mad in America, An FDA Whistleblower’s Documents: Commerce, Corruption, and Death.  It details the courageous efforts of Ron Kavanagh, a pharmacologist who formerly worked as a scientific consultant for the FDA, to blow the whistle on the improper approval of the very dangerous and ineffective drug asenapine (Saphris) and uses that as a springboard to detail the corruption within the FDA in approving other harmful psych drugs that have little or no benefit to the patient offsetting the harm.

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Former Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reviewer Ron Kavanagh was fired in 2008 after threatening to blow the whistle on the agency’s 2003 approval of PB, a drug used as a preventative measure against deadly soman nerve gas, and after reporting falsified FDA reviews for antipsychotic drugs. Dr. Kavanagh has been an outspoken advocate against administering PB to soldiers before a soman attack, alleging that it will cause more fatalities, not less.

Dr. Kavanagh has filed a petition to U.S. Sen. Grassley and a petition to U.S. Rep. Raskin, which you can support by asking Sen. Grassley and Rep. Raskin to protect lives by holding hearings and act on the petition.  Dr. Kavanagh was, in effect, fired in spite of legal protections for whistleblowers.  This should also be investigated and hopefully redressed by Congress. The contact information for Sen. Grassley and Rep. Raskin is:

    Senator Grassley: Website or call 202-224-3744

   Representative Raskin: Website or call 202-225-5341