December is Universal Human Rights Month, and December 10th, 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations on December 10th, 1948.

In honor of these occasions, MFI will be celebrating the accomplishments of our organization as well as those of the larger movement in which we take part. Stay tuned to our website, emails, and social media accounts for an informative review of past and present issues regarding human rights in mental health care—plus a chance to win prizes through a history quiz game hosted by MFI!

We invite you to join us in our celebration by:

MFI has been calling for a global revolution in mental health care for over 30 years, and both the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) have joined our call. Dr. Dainius Pūras, the UN Special Rapporteur of Mental Health from 2014 to 2020, recognizes the value of MFI's advocacy in his statement below:

"Persons with psychosocial disabilities continue to suffer too often from discriminatory laws and practices. There is an urgent need to end this sad legacy and to fully embrace the field of mental health with a human rights-based approach. For so much needed change to happen, strong voices should be supported.

Among such voices I would first of all commend the great work of MindFreedom, the international organization that is demonstrating for many years leadership in the field of mental health."

With powerful allies like Dr. Pūras on our side, now is the time to act. MFI is independent (not funded or otherwise supported by governments, pharmaceutical companies, religious organizations, or any other group with potential conflicts of interest), so we need your help to further amplify the voices of survivors and consumers of psychiatry in 2024!