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Judi’s Room

“Informed Consent: Legally Requiring Medical Providers in Canada to Disclose

Known Risks of ‘Anti-Psychotics’ to their Patients”

May 4, 2022

6-8 EST, 5-7 CT, 4-6 MT, 3-5 PT


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Last year, MFI was proud to host a film screening of a documentary entitled Psychiatric Refugee by Roxanne Stewart-Johnson, mother of two who documented her dramatic flight from Jamaica to avoid forced psychiatric drugging. then documented the extraordinary legal battle she waged to win asylum and permanent residency in Canada.

Today, she has put her filmmaking talent to work once again, this time to publicly launch a campaign to introduce a bill into the Ontario House of Parliament, mandating that all Canadian medical providers who prescribe ‘anti-psychotics’ fully inform their patients of the risks associated with those drugs in advance of treatment.

In a ten-minute campaign video entitled “Help Me Force Doctors to Fully Disclose the Risks of Psych Drugs’, Roxanne states “how anti-psychotics are currently being employed inside psychiatric institutions often without consent or disclosure of their risks resulting in patient deaths should be considered a human rights violation against the disabled.” Citing published statistics from ‘Health Canada’ she informs viewers that annually, there are hundreds of fatal, adverse reactions to psychoactive drugs.”

Furthermore, she states that “There is an over representation of indigenous and black populations in the criminal justice system who are being filtered into the mental health court system.” She claims that the “disabled” and “the most vulnerable” as well as people of color/indigenous people in the criminal justice system are most at risk of this fatal flaw in Canada’s mental health system.

In the next upcoming Judi’s Room, we will view Roxanne’s video collectively, then hear from Roxanne herself who discuss her campaign to win rights/protections for psychiatric patients in greater detail. Roxanne will be joined by two other guests

Service users, psychiatric survivors, family members, and mental health professionals are encouraged to attend this public meeting to discuss the case for greater informed consent and how to obtain it.


Featured Panelists:

Roxanne Stewart Johnson

Susan Fitzmaurice

Al Galves

Biographies of each speaker are below



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Biographies of the Presenters:

Roxanne Stewart-Johnson (coming)

Susan Fitzmaurice (coming)

Al Galves: Al Galves is a psychologist who practices psychotherapy in Las Cruces, NM.  He is a member of the board of directors of MindFreedom International and of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry.