Andre Dahl Jensen of Norway says his demands are simple: “Help me end this nightmare I am living. I demand human rights, mutual respect, freedom and an end to the persistent persecution of people by psychiatry.”

Andre Dahl, 38, alleges forced psychiatric drugging and lock-up by Norwegian government.

Update 19 October 2012:

“I have been in detention now for almost two months. I lost contact with MindFreedom as I was denied contact with the outside world, mainly because of the letter I wrote. I have been in contact with WSO (We Shall Overcome, an MFI Sponsor Group) in Norway through phone and they are in posession of documents and in contact with me. They are an organization that fights for patients right and against the abuses within Norwegian psychiatry. I have been moved to another hospital.” [Here is new contact info:]

Gaustad sykehus

Sognsvannsveien 21, 0372 Oslo

Bygg 21, enhet 2

phone number is +47 22 92 34 00 ask to be transfer to unit 2 (enhet 2)

or possible  direct +47 22 92 35 41




13 September 2012 


MindFreedom International Alert


Activist In Norway Given Forced Psychiatric Drugs


Asks For Complaints to Norwegian Health Ministry


Andre Dahl Jensen says his demands are simple: “Help me end this nightmare I am living. I demand human rights, mutual respect, freedom and an end to the persistent persecution of people by psychiatry.”

Jensen, who is 38 years old, says he is an activist locked up inside of a Norwegian psychiatric institution, and repeatedly drugged. He estimates he has spent 21 of the last 36 months inside psychiatric institution.

Says Jensen, “I have been again arrested and put in forced hospitalization in Oslo, Norway. I had a appointment with a psychologist. As the meeting progressed discussing my situation, mostly my large consume of alcohol, it became apparent that I was being hospitalized because ‘they were worried’ and I did not take the medication they advised me to take.”

Jensen says he has been an activist from an ‘anarchist’ perspective in a variety of projects including a webbsite a website

Jensen says he has “a long history of forced hospitalization beginning in September 2009 when I returned from living in Asia for 8 years, where I had little difficulties living.”

He said that on September 4th 2012 he was again put in a psychiatric institution against his will, and he’s concerned that the “mistreatment and abuse that in August 2011, will repeat itself.”

The lock-ups have had a toll, said Jensen: “I have for a long time have been struggling with anxiety because of all the grave threats and harassment I recieve within the hospitals in Norway.”

Jensen adds that, “I am fully able to control my mental state, and i regulary take medicine that helps me sleep. What I cannot accept is that my life has become a nightmare because of this continual arrests, incarceration, persecution, and forced medications on no real basis of need but from a total denial of facts.”

He is afraid that this time, it will be for a long time: As it is now I can be detained within this hospital indefinitely and medicated with force.” This alert is based on information provided by Mr. Dahl via email, and he is responsible for the content. 


Alleges History of Psychiatric Abuse by Norway

Jensen feels there’s something particularly wrong with the Norwegian psychiatric system:  “I only receive threats and harassment in Scandinavia. When travelling within Europe or Asia, this never happens. In the eight years I lived in Korea I did not experience anything I would view as threats or harassment.”

He said that while traveling, three times the Norwegian foreign department asked for his deportation: Germany (2002), South Korea (2003) and France (2010). He says both Germany, and France refused to deport him, and he apparently was not deported from South Korea either.

Said David Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International, “It is remarkable that Mr. Jensen has been able to email out his concerns. This is the only information we have, but these charges are serious enough to warrant an investigation by the Norwegian health care system. We ask those who are concerned, to contact Norwegian government as Mr. Jensen recommends.


Action Requested by Jensen

Jensen is asking for people to speak out to the Norwegian health care system, to show there is global attention. “The Norwegian Psychiatry refuses to let me live in peace. They have sabotaged every attempt to settle down abroad. And on no account do they try to contribute positively to my life, freedom and dignity.”



MindFreedom International is based on taking nonviolent action for justice, together. 

Jensen encourages you to write a civil but strong message to the Norwegian health minister via their website here:


Sample message (your own words are best):

“Please investigate serious charges I’ve read on the Internet, that your health care system is forcibly drugging and holding captive an activist by the name of Andre Dahl Jensen. According to the report, Mr. Jensen has been targeted for a long time for powerful involuntary psychiatric drugging by your department. Please respond.”






Copy your message before you send it, and email a copy to Mr. Jensen with a note of support at:



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