MindFreedom member Ben Hansen has helped investigate how Eli Lilly has used fraud to gain access to federal Medicaid money for their psychiatric drug Zyprexa.

Ben Hansen – also known as “Dr. Bonkers”

Breaking News New York Times Exposes Huge Nation-Wide Medicaid Scandal

by MindFreedom Michigan

In a front page story dated March 23, 2007, the New York Times quotes a mental health advocate in Michigan named Ben Hansen who obtained documents proving that drugmaker Eli Lilly has duped at least 20 states into promoting costly and harmful psychiatric drugs like Zyprexa, Strattera and Cymbalta.

Now for the first time, the true identity of the mysterious Ben Hansen is revealed: he is none other than Dr. Methodius Isaac Bonkers, founder and president of the Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research.

Mr. Hansen — aka Dr. Bonkers — issued the following statement in response to the public outcry over the latest example of pharmaceutical industry wrongdoing:

“I’m the Michigan mental health advocate who described Eli Lilly’s pharmacy program as “incestuous,” quoted in Stephanie Saul’s story, In Some States, Maker Oversees Use of Its Drug.

“As a member of the Michigan Department of Community Health Recipient Rights Advisory Committee, for over a year I’ve been researching Lilly’s pharmacy program in Michigan and 25 other states. Through a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, I’ve uncovered a lot of solid evidence that wasn’t even mentioned in the Times.

“I hope to hear from officials in Michigan and other states with similar programs funded by Eli Lilly and implemented by Comprehensive NeuroScience, Inc. Feel free to contact me directly or send me an anonymous tip if you wish. This is a big story, and it’s not going away.

“In solidarity with the victims of pharmaceutical industry fraud,

 “Ben Hansen Traverse City, Michigan email: drbonkers@gmail.com”

Check out “Dr. Bonkers” web site for ongoing information about Eli Lilly and fraudulent marketing using Medicaid:


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