Celebrities who speak out about human rights in mental health

While many ‘cultural leaders’ in the film, TV, music and theater world have spoken out about having had mental and emotional problems, it seems most stories end simply with finding conventional mental health care they felt worked. These stories are often moving, and represent a segment of the public. But what about those who experienced some kind of trauma or human rights violations caused by their mental health care? What about celebrities who found recovery through less conventional alternatives than psychiatric prescriptions or electroshock? Why do we not hear more of their perspectives?

Article “My Favorite Mistake”: Stevie Nicks questions psychiatric care
“Stevie” Nicks is well-known American singer-songwriter, who became famous with the rock band Fleetwood Mac and her impressive solo career. The magazine Newsweek has a feature in which a famous person talks about a major mistake they made. Stevie Nicks identified her experience in the 1980’s when she agreed to take psychiatric drugs.
Image Singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks on her psychiatric drug prescription.
In Newsweek, 1 May 2011, famous performer Stevie Nicks disclosed how agreeing to a prescription for psychiatric drugs back in the 1980’s became one of the biggest mistakes of not just her performing career, but her life.

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