A MindFreedom member, volunteer and artist — Felice Debra Eliscu — is being forced to take powerful psychiatric drugs against her will. MindFreedom has issued a human rights MFI Shield alert. You can help.

Felice Eliscu

MindFreedom Shield Alert – 12 August 2008

Wisconsin woman forced to take psychiatric drugs.

Says her forced psychiatric drugging caused suicidal feelings.

How you can contact Wisconsin Governor to say “no!”

Felice just wants the forced psychiatric drugging to stop.

Felice Debra Eliscu is an artist who says that years of forced psychiatric drugging make her want to harm herself, and she wants other alternatives provided.

Felice is a 42-year-old member and volunteer with MindFreedom International who is currently locked up in Winnebago Mental Health Institute near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Such forced drugging happens to thousands of Americans each year. But Felice is signed up on the MindFreedom Shield, which means that when threatened by forced psychiatry she can activate an alert network reaching hundreds of MindFreedom members.

Felice is activating the MindFreedom Shield, and asking everyone to contact the Governor of Wisconsin via the web.


Felice is a unique and creative individual with an interest in metaphysical art, which you can see on this web site:


Felice tells MindFreedom that a lot of her current troubles started in 2001 when she got into a dispute with a correction’s officer, and she was charged with assault. She was found “not guilty by reason of insanity” and spent several years locked up in the Winnebago psychiatric institution where she was forcibly drugged.

She was let out about three years ago under a program called “conditional release” where she had to agree to take powerful psychiatric drugs, perhaps for the rest of her life, in exchange for her freedom.

Felice says, “When I was let out of the institution I was prescribed six or seven psychiatric medications. My face started to twitch on Abilify, so I stopped taking it.”

Even though she says her psychiatrist supported her decision to quit Abilify, she said other parts of her psychiatric team wanted her to continue taking such powerful neuroleptic or “antipsychotic” psychiatric drugs.

She said her outpatient forced drugging was monitored by Lutheran Social Services, which even has religious content in their printed material for the program. Felice said at one point three college students were hired, and one by one they would drop by each and every day at Felice’s home to watch her take her psychiatric drugs at 8 am, noon and 4 pm.

“All the forced drugging finally freaked me out,” says Felice. “Last week I took a bunch of pills. I didn’t mean to kill myself. I meant it as a radical statement.”

Forced psychiatric drugging has helped push others into suicide, such as MindFreedom Minnesota member Mike Heston:


On 6 August 2008, after taking the bunch of pills, Felice was admitted based what was seen as a suicide attempt, which is a violation of her conditional release.

“I’m worried I’ll lose everything. The mental health system runs everything, my housing, my possessions. They even own the parking lot where my vehicle is parked. I want the forced drugging to stop. I want help, but I don’t want forced psychiatric drugging.”


Felice asks that people contact Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle via his web site.

Sample message — your own words are best:

“Stop the forced psychiatric drugging of artist Felice Eliscu at Winnebago Mental Health Institute! Provide humane alternatives to forced psychiatric drugging, which is causing trauma to Felice!”

Use this easy web form for Gov Doyle:


or use this web link:


Felice is part of the MindFreedom Shield program. For more info on that, including a list of those signed up on the Shield directory, see:


Please forward this alert to all appropriate places on and off Internet.

For more info about Felice, including her art work, see “Related Content” links below.

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