Psychiatric Coercion

Techniques ranging from pressure to out right force in the mental health system.

Article Those labeled “mentally ill” should be helped, not forcibly drugged
An opinion piece opposing forced psychiatric drugging.
Folder Outpatient Forced Psychiatry
More and more citizens are required to take super-powerful psychiatric drugs against their will while living in their own homes out in the community. Today 42 US states allow courts to order “involuntary outpatient commitment.” An increasing number of countries are using “community treatment orders” and other techniques that make our homes into wards, our neighborhoods into psychiatric institutions.
News Item ACLU Lawsuit: “ICE Drugging Detainees Set for Deportation”
CNN covers the story that the American Civil Liberties Union is suing over forced psychiatric drugging of immigrants facing deportation.
Article Some Detainees Are Drugged For Deportation
The Washington Post investigated and documented the use of “chemical restraint” on hundreds of immigrants being deported from the USA.
Image Congo immigrant reports forced psychiatric drugging
Washington Post: Michel Shango said he fled Congo after working as a journalist there. In America, he married and had children, but did not win asylum. Listen to Shango talk about his deportation experience. [Go to original Washington Post article to watch video.]
File “The Journey of Transformation”
An essay by Leonard Roy Frank on psychiatric coercion within the context of alternative paths in life.
Article Parents drugged, bound and gagged doctor in forced marriage bid
Times in UK writes about how forced psychiatric drugging was used in India to enforce a mariarge.
News Item Norwegian Alleges Forced Psychiatric Drugs, Lock-Up
Andre Dahl Jensen of Norway says his demands are simple: “Help me end this nightmare I am living. I demand human rights, mutual respect, freedom and an end to the persistent persecution of people by psychiatry.”

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