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New DVD and CD in the MindFreedom MadMarket.

MindFreedom has added two new products to the Mad Market!

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Take These Broken Wings – $25.00

Take These Broken Wings

Take These Broken Wings brings the viewer on a journey into the process of full recovery from schizophrenia without medication, challenging the conventional notion of schizophrenia as a lifelong, incurable disorder and chemical imbalance treatable only with antipsychotic drugs.

The feature documentary chronicles the recovery story of bestselling author Joanne Greenberg, whose fictionalized memoir I Never Promised You a Rose Garden rocked the mental health world and placed schizophrenia front and center in public consciousness. The film also features the gripping psychotherapy and recovery of Catherine Penney, who was hospitalized for years with delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavior. Their accounts are interwoven with interviews from internationally renowned giants in the field of schizophrenia recovery, including Peter Breggin, MD (author of Toxic Psychiatry), Robert Whitaker (author of Mad in America), and Bertram Karon, PhD (author of Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: Treatment of Choice).

Director: Dissident psychologist Daniel Mackler.

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Take Refuge – $15.00

Take RefugeTake Refuge, Leah Harris’ debut spoken word album, is flavored with eclectic Middle Eastern, hip-hop, rock, go-go, reggae, and jazz influences. The album poignantly chronicles her legacy as the daughter of two people labeled with ‘severe mental illness,’ both of whom died very young as a result of toxic treatments and shattered dreams, leaving her an orphan at the age of 30, as well as her own psychiatrized girlhood and adolescence. Pieces such as ‘Teenage Mental Patient,’ ‘dear dr.,’ ‘Superhero Momma,’ and ‘Revenge of the Crazy Wimmin’ reflect her personal journey of liberation from psychiatric oppression, and her experiences as an artist, activist, and single mother. ‘Article 12’ refers to one of the articles in the UN Disability Convention; ‘Her Name was Esmin’ is a tribute to Esmin Green, who was murdered-by-neglect in Kings’ County Hospital in 2008. It is an album filled with righteous rage, but it also brims over with faith in the possibility that a more just, humane, and peaceful world is within our grasp.

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