Looking back on MindFreedom and history of our movement.

Link NY Times: Willard Suitcase Project Exposes Psychiatric History
The New York Times ran an article about a special exhibit in New York that exposes the history of the psychiatric system in a very personal way. MindFreedom board president Celia Brown lives in New York said, ” I’m so proud of the work that Darby Penney and Peter Stastny did. I remember when they were researching the suitcases from WIllard. I also think the NY Times did a great job in reporting and nice quotes from Darby. This is the kind of story that can educate the public on the horrors of the mental health system.”
Page Timeline of MindFreedom Organizational Development
Here are some of the milestones in the organizational development of what has become MindFreedom International.
Google Video Rare footage of psychiatric survivor organizer Howie the Harp
One of the legendary community organizers in the “mad movement” from the early days in the 1970’s was Howie the Harp. Here’s a brief video of Howie.
Image Kissit! Logo
The logo of the kissit! XX Campaign against psychiatric assault.
Page The kissit! XX Campaign against psychiatric assault
The kissit! XX Campaign was an active force in challenging abuse in the mental health system. It now exists as a permanent website archive.
Image Photo of Jay Mahler and Sally Zinman Interview
Jay Mahler and Sally Zinman shown being interviewed on the show “Mental Health Matters -Alameda County, California”
Page Interview with Jay Mahler and Sally Zinman
Jay Mahler and Sally Zinman were interviewed in June 2008 about the mental health consumer movement on the show “Mental Health Matters – Alameda County, California.”
Page “The Origins of Bastille Day as a Celebration of Mental Patients Liberation”
An article by Myra Kovary, a member of MFI’s United Nations team and the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, in which she describes the connection between Bastille Day and the history of the Mental Patients Liberation Alliance.
Page The Highlander Statement of Concern and Call to Action March 25, 2000
MindFreedom (then called “Support Coalition”) sponsored a series of strategic retreats, including in the beautiful Highlander Training and Education Center. Highlander has for decades supported empowered training of leaders in civil rights and poor people’s movements. At the end of this retreat, participants issued a unanimous statement that has been widely circulated.
Page Archive to past MindFreedom News alerts
Here is an archive of some of the past alerts sent out via email to the MindFreedom news list. It’s a quick way to review human rights activist and announcements.

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