One of the legendary organizers in the ‘mad movement’ was the late Howie the Harp. He wrote a song called “Crazy and Proud.” Thanks to Phoenix Rising, here are the lyrics.


These lyrics were found on page 15 of October 1986 Phoenix Rising, the link is here:


Well, they’re always calling me crazy
And they’re always putting me down
They always say they’ll be my friend
But they never come around.
‘Cause I’m not like normal people
I won’t fit in their mold.
And for that crime
they either lock me up
or put me out in the cold.

‘Cause I’m Crazeeeee, and I’m Proud!

Well l won’t be a 9 to 5 robot
Well-oiled and made of chrome
I’ll never have your ulcers
or your split-level home.
You tried so hard to change me
You buIIied and you sneered
But I’ll always remain just like I am
Loony, Crazy and Weird!

‘Cause I’m Crazy … And I’m Proud

Well, you say I’ll always be locked up
Unless I stop being me
But I’m not like that so stay off my back
I just wanna be free
‘Cause I’m telling all ybu people
Don’t give me those funny looks
You think you’re great but you’re the
Kind I hate
American Psychiatry Crooks
‘Cause I’m Crazy … And I’m Proud

by Howie the Harp

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